LDUs Recalled Back to Their Bases

The Local Defence Unit (LDU), a subsidiary force to Uganda’s security agencies has been withdrawn and taken back to their various base camps across the country in the latest security move.

This development started on Monday and apparently these security personnel are not visible in places where they have been deployed in the recent past.

According to Major Bilal Katamba, the spokesperson of UPDF 1st Division, “The LDU have been withdrawn and will now concentrate on their original role of community policing now that the Covid19 lockdown has been eased.”

He said that this security unit has concluded its tour of duty in which it played a tremendous role while backing up other security agencies in enforcing laws and guidelines during the Covid19 lockdown period.

LDUs have been helping in manning roadblocks, enforcing curfew and helping in distribution of relief food to vulnerable Ugandans.

Besides conclusion of their tour of duty, reports indicate that the unit has also been recalled to undergo refresher courses to improve on their performance.

Major Katamba also said that LDUs relief from Covid19 activities will now enable them to concentrate on their original role of community policing.

The unit has lately faced accusations from the public of being brutal while enforcing the law which in some instances has led to loss of lives.


A number of them have been apprehended and tried in the Court Martial.

While reacting to indiscipline, Katamba said that pockets of indiscipline with in the force cannot be ruled out since most people come from different backgrounds.

“The army including LDUs shall all times remain disciplined and willing to act by the advice of the Commander in Chief.”

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