LDC Students Summoned For Dancing at Commercial Court

The Judiciary administration has come out and issued a strong warning to four LDC students who filmed themselves dancing seductively to the Tumbiza sound song Monday at the Commercial Court in Kampala.

“To the Court, this was unprofessional and unethical conduct and an abuse of the integrity of Judiciary as a whole,” said Commercial Court’s Judge on Duty, Lady Justice Anne Mugenyi Bitature, who summoned and met the four students on Tuesday seriously reprimanded them.

Ms Kakidi Ann, Ms Nabirye Zeridah Mary and Ms Kalungi Kellen are part of the 18 LDC students on Clerkship at the Commercial Court (December 2020 – April 2021), while Ms Katusiime Pearl, the fourth student, is also on Clerkship with a private City law firm. She participated in the dance video while on a visit to her colleagues.

“…there is no excuse for such kind of bad behaviour…I apologize for my conduct and promise that it will not happen again,” each of the students’ apology letters read, in part.

Justice Bitature, who noted that the students were on their own frolic, said she cautioned them after they accepted their “unprofessional conduct and apologized for their actions in writing and promised never to repeat the same misconduct”.

“I am however aware that LDC Management has undertaken to handle the issue within the confines of its internal disciplinary procedures. The Director of LDC came to me earlier today (Wednesday), to get facts on what exactly happened. While on clerkship, students remain answerable to LDC” Bitature said.

“He said the students will be subjected to disciplinary process later today (Wednesday), and we (the Judiciary) shall await the decision to be communicated to us,” she said.

Clerkships are learning experiences for students studying and training to be advocates.


They are a first-hand look at how the legal system is portrayed in the eyes of court.

The four students on Monday while at duty recorded themselves twerking on Mr Eezzy’s song of Tumbiza Sound which went viral on numerous social media platforms


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