LC III Chairpersons Petition Speaker Kadaga over Motorcycles

The Sub-County chairpersons Local Council III have petitioned the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga over motorcycles that were promised to them by government but haven’t been delivered.

The Sub County bosses in their petition read by Erisa Sebaale of Nama Sub County in Mukono district said the Government undertook to give them motorcycles in 2018 but nothing has been fulfilled two years down the road. It has therefore adversely affected their mobility.

“We have been footing since 2018 when the old motorcycles broke down and government promised to provide us with new ones,” said Mr. Sebaale.

He noted that they monitor all government activities in their respective Sub-Counties and transport is critical.

“The activities like operation wealth creation, grading of road networks, schools and others are under our monitoring jurisdictions. In Nama I have a population of 121,000 people and it is very difficult to foot to cover all areas,” he said.

He added that they tried to engage the Uganda Local Government Association (ULGA) to intervene in their transport crisis but they have not been successful.

Sebaale appealed to the government to first consult with the chairpersons before procuring the motorcycles in order to get the intended durable quality.

Speaker Kadaga noted that the LC III chairpersons are instrumental in the implementation of government programs in their respective sub counties and promised to engage the Local Government Minister, Raphael Magyezi on the matter.


“The over 1,700 chairpersons were promised motorcycles in 2018 but up to now they have not received them,” said Kadaga.

Adding: I do recall that Parliament appropriated money for the motorcycles well knowing that chairpersons have no means of transport and yet they are key in implementing government programmes.”

She promised to give feedback to the chairpersons in one week after engaging the Local Government.

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