LC I Elections: UWOPA Rallies MPs to Block 2017/18 Budget

Members of Parliament under the Uganda Women Parliamentary Association (UWOPA) have expressed disappointment over the recently announced suspension by government of the LC I and LC II elections.

Although it was highly anticipated that the elections were to be held early this year, try Cabinet resolved to suspend the elections “to address first the food insecurity in the country.”

According to cabinet, sale the funds that were meant to facilitate the elections have been reallocated to provision of food in the different famine stricken areas.

UWOPA members led by the Vice Chairperson, viagra approved Norah Bigirwa noted that during the 9th Parliament, the women fought hard to amend the Local Government Act 2014 to improvise with voting of the local leaders by queuing, in order to reduce on the costs which government cried out about.

Bigirwa said it was an embarrassment that after members were attacked by their constituents over the idea of queuing up, now they have to go back to them with the news of the suspension.

 “In the last six months, potential leaders across the country have been identified and the campaigns had gained momentum. We the members of UWOPA denounce this move. Local councils are crucial in terms of security, conflict and resolution, reporting and following up domestic violence cases, among other issues,” Bigirwa said.

Bigirwa rallied all Members of Parliament to oppose the postponement of the elections and block the approval of the 2017/18 budget until government allocates funds for the LC I and LC II elections.

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