Lawyers Warn Against Banning Private Labor Firms

Of recent, talk around externalization of labor has taken pole position with some for and others against.

In light of this, lawyers under Women’s Pro Bono Initiative (WPI) and Network for Public Interest Lawyers (NETPIL) have added their voice to this discourse.

Primah Kwagala the chief executive warned that Uganda might lose overwhelming revenue once private Labour Companies are banned.

Instead, Kwagala urged government to put in place regulations that will operationalize the Prevention in Trafficking of Persons Act of 2009.

Once these are in place, she says illicit labor export will be dealt a significant blow.

“Victims abroad face a multiplicity of human rights abuses but the system to address these abuses is currently obscure to the victims and their relatives”, Kwagala said.

Recently, Peace Regis Mutuuzo the Junior Labor Minister intimated to parliament that over 80,000 are working in the Arab world.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) alone is home to nearly 30,000 Ugandans followed by Iraq with 19,719 workers.


On annual basis, about 600 million dollars comes in as remittances from Middle East based Ugandans.

Clause 8 (g) of the Trafficking In Persons Act stipulates that anyone who recruits, transfers or transport someone abroad illegally is liable to 5 years in jail or a 2.4 million shillings fine or both.

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