Lawyers Complain About Concealed Judgment as Wanzala Intends to Appeal

The battle for Butembe Member of Parliament in Jinja district is far from over after the former contestant challenging the ruling of the high court in court of appeal amidst complaints of failure by court to avail judgment.

Forum for democratic change’s Kirya Grace Wanzala on Thursday morning filed his notice of appeal to the ruling by the high court judge in Jinja Godfrey Namundi who dismissed with costs the electoral petition in which he challenged the election of NRM’s Nelson Lufafa as the Member of Parliament for Butembe.

Wanzala had challenged Lufafa’s victory on grounds of lack of requisite academic qualifications and electoral malpractices that allegedly characterized the February parliamentary polls including voter bribery and ballot stuffing.

Through his lawyers of M/S Lukwago and company advocates, visit web the appellant had asked the high court to nullify the election of the Lufafa to pave way for a more free, credible and fair elections in the area.

However, on July 22nd, his worship Godfrey Namundi dismissed the petition with costs saying the appellant had failed to adduce sufficient and credible evidence to support his case; he is now seeking the redress of a higher court.

“Take Notice that the petitioner being dissatisfied with the whole judgment and orders of his worship Namundi Godfrey delivered at the high court of Uganda at Jinja on the 22nd July 2016, he intends to appeal to the court of appeal of Uganda at Kampala against the whole judgment and has accordingly filed a notice of appeal” the letter dated 27th July and stamped by High court of Uganda south eastern
circuit on 28th July reads in part.

“The purpose thereof is to request that you be pleased to avail us with the typed copy of the proceedings and judgment to enable us pursue our client’s appeal,” the letter further reads.

The lawyers however complained that their client has on several occasions asked for the copy of judgment from court but in vain.


“Our efforts to secure a copy of the judgment have proved fruitless as the clerks inform us that the judgment is still being proof read”

Lufafa, is represented by M/S Luganda, Ojok and company advocates and M/S Galinsonga and company advocates while the electoral commission as co-accused is represented by M/S Ssekana Associated advocates.

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