Lawyers Abandon Kanyamunyu as Case Drags On

High Court Judge Steven Mubiru has warned businessman Matthew Kanyamunyu, who is accused of murdering Kenneth Akena, against wasting court’s time in the ongoing criminal session.

This followed the failure of all three of Kanyamunyu’s lawyers to show up in court today to cross examine the prosecution witness as they had asked prior.

Kanyamunyu is being represented by lawyers Mc Dusman Kabega, Caleb Alaska and Evans Ochieng.

In court, Kanyamunyu has appeared with his co-accused and asked about the whereabouts of his lawyers, he informed court that for almost ten days he has not been able to communicate with any of them.

“I have tried to reach out all the three advocates on phone but they have not been picking my calls. I pray that court grants me an adjournment of more five days so that I can be able to engage them further and once they fail to respond I will instruct other Lawyers,” Kanyamunyu said.

The judge gave Kanyamunyu only two days to meet his lawyers and come up with a final decision on how to proceed with the matter, failure of which, court will be forced to appoint for him state defense lawyers.

“My main concern is that this trial has to come to an end, court has a duty to guarantee your rights and this was done by granting you 10 days to prepare for your cross examination since we saw it as sufficient time,” the Judge said.

The judge told Kanyamunyu that he should respect the time allocated to his case in this ongoing session as many people are yearning to have their cases listed but they can’t make it due to limited resources.


The lead prosecutor in the matter, Jonathan Muwaganya, informed court that they had come ready to proceed with the matter but have been surprised by to hear that the defense is not ready.

“All the three counsels come from different firms and their not appearing in court is a clear sign that they have abandoned the client without explanation,” Muwaganya said.

The judge has ordered that the records of proceedings be printed for Kanyamunyu and Cynthia so that they can be able to prepare for further hearing of the case on Monday October 9, 2020.

It should be noted that this matter has now entered a second criminal session without being concluded.

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