Lawyer Moves to Invalidate Mbabazi’s Senior Counsel Elevation

A city lawyer has petitioned the Law Council to immediately revoke the status of Senior Counsel granted to former presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi recently.

Mbabazi, Foreign Affairs Minister, Sam Kutesa; former Attorney Generals Prof. Khidu Makubuya, Peter Nyombi, Fred Ruhindi and 17 other advocates were awarded the coveted status on March 28 2018.

The award is automatic for former presidents of the Uganda Law Society, former Attorney Generals and can also be given to legal practitioners who have clear practicing records of more than 10 years in Uganda without any pending investigations.

Lawyer Frank Kanduho of Ms. Kanduho & Co. Advocates, in his letter to Law Council through Justice of the Supreme Court, Stella Arach Amoko who is also the Chairperson Management Committee of Law Development Center, stated that Mbabazi never served as the substantial Attorney General to automatically qualify for the desired award.

“Amama Mbabazi, is not and has never been one such person (president ULS or A.G) envisaged by the regulations for the simple reason that he has never been the Attorney General of Uganda in the terms commanded by Article 119 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda read together with and into Article 115 of the Constitution,” part of his petition read.

According to Mr. Kanduho, Mbabazi was never nominated by the President, approved by Parliament and taken oath as the Attorney General but only casually served the position as a “forte” (gift) from Museveni between 2004 and 2006 when he was the substantial Defense Minister.

“My Lord and the distinguished Committee of the Law Council on Senior Counsel, will note and I invite you so to do, that the task assigned to the Advocate John Patrick Amama Mbabazi, did not have the effect of making him the Attorney General of the Republic of Uganda in the mandatory terms of Article 119 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda,” he noted.

He now wants the Law Council to recommend to Chief Justice Bart Katurebe to revoke the Senior Counsel which the former considers has been irregularly granted.


“The remedy, in the circumstances is for the Committee of the Law Council on Senior Counsel invoking the provisions of regulation 11 of The Advocates (Senior Counsel) Regulations, 2018 to be pleased to recommend to The Hon. The Chief Justice to revoke the grant of the rank of Senior Counsel bestowed upon the Rt. Hon John Patrick Amama Mbabazi on 28th March 2018.”

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