Lawyer Mabirizi Dumps Another Pile of Documents at Supreme Court

Male Mabirizi arrives with his documents at the Supreme Court

Lawyer Hassan Kassim Male Mabirizi on Wednesday returned to the Supreme Court with yet another pile of documents, this time challenging the recent Court of Appeal decision, which set aside an earlier High Court order for the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi to release details of the Buganda Land Board bank accounts

The appeal documents, which Mabirizi brought on a rickshaw (Tuk-tuk), entailed 80 grounds of appeal.

Mabirizi also took time to explain to reporters why he likes filing large volumes paperwork before court.

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“I have been involved in cases that call for many and well explained grounds, like the Togikwatako case and this Kabaka case,” he said, and that this practice is not out of vogue.

The papers he presents, Mabirizi said, contain facts and other relevant materials for the case.

In his appeal today, the lawyer argued that the judges of the Court or Appeal erred in law when they failed to deliver their judgements within 60days required without any sufficient reason.

He adds that the judges failed to make a decision on the consent entered by Kabaka’s lawyers made at High Court to avail Mabirizi with the bank documents.


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