Lawyer Mabirizi Challenges Supreme Court Judges on ‘Siding With Government’

As the hearing of the presidential age limit constitutional amendment appeal case kicked off Tuesday before seven justices of the Supreme Court, the judges in this matter have been asked to make fair and just decisions so as to maintain peace and stability in the country

While making his submission, Kassim Male Mabirizi one of the appellants representing himself pointed said ever since 1980s the judges sitting in various courts of law have made rulings which have made the public to believe that they side with the oppressors instead of giving justice to the oppressed.

Mabirizi noted that majority of the judges of the constitutional court during the hearing of the case looked tilted toward the defendants by giving the witnesses answers during cross examination but denying the applicants opportunity to summon witnesses of their choice

“If the Mbale session was a football match, it was clear that the referees were supporting my opposite team. The head referee (Deputy chief justice) turned into my opponent’s goal keeper, cancelled all goals I scored before issuing me a yellow card for protesting his actions” Mabirizi submitted

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The lawyer says there was no fairness in that proceedings and thus asked the Supreme court justices to stand their ground to quash the decisions of the lower court since most people always take judiciary as their last resort wherever their rights are violated

“Where the legislature or the Executive branch has erred in the exercise of its duty the person comes forth to judicature knocking at its door”

He added that this country has never had peaceful transition of power because most of the aggrieved people turn to wars with a belief that it’s the only solution due to lack of trust for the judiciary

“Without a sound and functioning judiciary there is no rule of law. While things are not in order, the judiciary cannot effectively protect human rights nor can it perform effective supervision over Executive and legislative powers”


Lawyer Hassan Male Mabirizi shaking hands with Deputy Attorney Gen Mwesigwa Rukutana at Supreme court today

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