Last Minute Ideas to Enliven Your Valentine’s Night

Valentine’s Day is finally here and it’s a few hours to wind up the day’s work. Regardless of whether you have a partner or not, give yourself a treat and embrace the person who knows and loves you the most – yourself.

As other people set off for cinemas, the numerous shows around town, hotels getaways and other fancy places, you can choose to have the best evening in the comfort of your bedroom.

Here are a few ideas you can incorporate in your bedroom arrangement to make it special for the day as guided by Sharon Mukisa, a freelance interior designer.

Declutter the room

It won’t be fun with clothes and other stuff all over the room. Clear away all the clutter; sandals, misplaced towels and kids’ toys so the room spacious and neat.

Set a dinner table

You probably will have dinner in the room, set a table for two in a corner of your room.  This table can be decorated in various ways. You can use fruits, wine bottles, juice, water among other things. Prepare a nice meal that both you and your partner enjoy to make the day special.



What’s Valentine’s Day without some red roses? These can be artistically hung around the house, or you can play around with petals. Petals can be randomly thrown on the bed or designed to make certain shapes like the heart. They can also be randomly spread on the floor or still placed in various shapes.

Bed Making

The petals go a long way as concerns Valentine’s Day bedroom decor.

Bring out your art on the bed! Change the position of the bed to create a new feel in the room. Go for plain colored bed sheets that blend well with the days theme colour (red). White, blue or any other colour of your choice won’t cause harm too.

Use flower petals to complement the bed. Some people use towels to create amazing décor on the bed, you can do the same.


Curtains will do you magic, fold them in a crafty way to form different designs. By folding curtains, you will also be able to bring in natural light and fresh air.


Besides natural light, you can use scented candles, lamps or deem bulbs. Candles come in different scents, colour and shape. These can be got from different supermarkets around town.

A nice scented candle will cost you around shs 8,000 to as much as shs 100,000 depending on your budget. Spread them on the floor to create different shapes of your choice.

Make sure the place is spacious enough to avoid fire outbreaks though. Blue bulbs will define the mood in your home. However, it’s your choice to have any colour.


Disappointed or happy, who wouldn’t want to wind up their day here?

You can use balloons to create a more appealing look in the house. These can be placed in any part of the room; bed, curtains, wall, floor or the door way.


These play a vital role in décor. They complement and complete the bed. Randomly throw them on the bed or floor or on your couch.


What is Valentine’s Day without some classic ballads to cheer your mood? Celine Dion, Lionel Richie, Shania Twain, NSYNC and many other music icons whose lyrics appeal to your ears can accompany you through the evening.

Rose Petal Bath

Single or ‘coupled up’, this is the ultimate relaxation spot after a long Valentine’s Day.

Treat yourself to a warm bath with floating rose petals, for relaxation, fresh rosy breathe and utmost self pampering. The cleaning will come later, just enjoy the present moment.

Happy Valentines Days

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