LASPNET, US Embassy Launch App to Fight Corruption

Legal Aid Service Providers’ Network (LASPNET), a legal aid NGO, in partnership with the American embassy has launched a social web application that will be used to register cases of corruption within the justice institution.

The application called “Say It” will be used on Android phones to report cases of corruption in the Justice Law and Order sector (Jlos) targeting the Police, Prisons, IGG and the Office of the DPP.

The launch follows a report that was launched on Wednesday at Hotel Africa that revealed increased corruption in the Justice system.

According to the report, Corruption in Justice system manifests itself in bribery, financial leakage, conflict of interest, embezzlement, false accounting, fraud, influence peddling, nepotism, theft of public fund and theft of public assets.

Martin Ojambo, the IT Consultant and developer of the App, says ‘Say It’ will help reduce the risks involved in reporting corruption cases against high ranking government officials.

“This is an app running on Android powered devices, which basically helps one to report corruption cases anonymously to IGG, Inspectorate of Courts, Judicial Service Commission and the Police Standards Unit,” Ojambo explained.

“It helps to capture audio, video and use imaginary to be able to report whatever case that happens.”

LASPNET will be sieving the cases reported and will then determine which institution should handle them.


The US Embassy Public Affairs Officer, Susan Parker – Burns appreciated LASPNET for coming up with such an initiative and termed it  a total exploration of innovative technologies to promote transparency and accountability by youth.

Ms. Susan noted that they chose to invest in such a project with the aim of addressing corruption to encourage economic growth of Uganda.

“We are here to support anti-corruption activities with the major goal of ensuring economic growth and support democratic development, we want a stable, secure and prosperous Uganda,” Susan said.

She encouraged the building of public trust with the different government institutions which can also be achieved by recognizing the good actions of public servants.

LASPNET Executive Director, Sylvia Namubiru Mukasa said the app will be used to generate timely response to the complaint or whistler blower on stages reached with the case reported.

She noted that some people always find hard time moving to courts of law to register cases but through the app, one can register a case at their own convenience.

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