Lake Victoria Rises to Highest Level Ever Recorded

Lake Victoria over the past 24 hours has smashed its highest ever recorded water level.

The biggest lake on the continent hit 13.42Meters yesterday, surpassing the highest record which was made nearly five decades ago.

The lake’s record has been at 13.41Meters which was recorded on 12th May 1964 during the intense flooding at the time.

The excessive flooding of 1964 is said to resulted in River Nile busting its banks, leading to the creation of Uhuru Falls, right next to Murchison Falls between Lake Kyoga and Lake Albert.


With the water levels rising steadily over the past month, Eskom Uganda Ltd, the power generators at Owen Falls Dam have been struggling to ease the pressure on the dam by opening up all flood gates


As of yesterday, the company revealed, they have been spilling up to 2,400 Cubic Meters of water per second at both Nalubaale and Kiira Hydropower stations.

The rise in Lake Victoria late last month triggered a nationwide black out as massive floating islands were swept into the power plant at Jinja.


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