Kyadondo By-elections: DP’s Withdrawn Candidate, Kamome Rallies Behind Kantinti

Democratic Party (DP) Kyadondo East Constituency by-elections candidate, find Lilian Babirye Kamome has thrown her weight behind FDC’s candidate Apollo Kantinti after being withdrawn from the race by her party.

The party president Norbert Mao announced on Tuesday morning that the party leadership together with Kamome took a decision to have her withdrawn in the interest of uniting the opposition.

Mao told the media that the party found out that the opposition could lose the seat if they continue fighting against themselves instead of mounting support to a candidate that would defeat the ruling NRM that have excelled in the recent by elections.

“The (took the decision) to favor of the opposition not to lose the seat to NRM; I am a member of the party and I agree to follow the party decision since no individual is above the party, find ” Kamome told Chimpreports in a phone interview on Tuesday.

Asked on whom her voters should support after her exit, generic Kamome said she was waiting for the DP to decide on whom to back, which Mao said would be determined in 24 hours.

“As an individual however, if given chance I would go for Kantinti on humanitarian grounds. He won in the General elections without cheating; he is suffering on the mess and incompetence of the Electoral Commission,” Kamome said.

Asked what would be her stand in case the party chooses to support independent candidate Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine), she said that would be hard for her, stressing however that she can’t risk her voters supporting Bobi Wine.

“I like supporting what I believe in, if the party goes for Bobi Wine then I am gone; I can’t support him because I don’t understand his politics, I don’t see any leadership in him, he is just a musician who just woke up one day to join politics,” Kamome said.


Kamome added, “I have listened to Bobi Wine’s campaigns for long but I don’t see him helping with the problems of the people of Nangabo.”

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