Kyabazinga Honors Abenakyo, Kadaga during Busoga Ceremony

The Kyabazinga of Busoga on Sunday 23 Instituted a Roll of Honors for Basoga Men and Women who have distinguished themselves in public life as transformational leaders, Servants and inspirations to the People.


The Honors are categorized in 3 tiers:


The Sir William Wilberforce Gabula Nadiope II Medal for distinguished service to Humanity, Awarded to men and organizations which have transformed the lives of many.


The Source of the Nile (Eninha ya Kiira) Medal awarded to achievers and innovative People and Organizations whose deeds promote and preserve the pride of Busoga.



“The Omwooyo Gwa Busoga Medal awarded to exemplary people and organizations which diligently protect, nurture and uphold Busoga’s culture, heritage and selflessness,” stated the Kyabazinga.

Abenakyo is among those who were awarded

The ceremony was held in Bugembe Stadium on Saturday 22nd June 2019 with thousands of joyous Basoga.

Kadaga having a word with Nadiope at the ceremony

The inaugural beneficiaries of the roll of honors were;


Patrick J Mwondha (Omwoyo Gwa Busoga)

Abasoga Nseete, (Omwoyo Gwa Busoga)

Keith Mutengu, (Omwoyo Gwa Busoga)

Eng F G Mulyagonja,( Omwooyo gwa Busoga)

Arthur W Musulube, (Eninha ya Kiira or source of the Nile medal )

Quiin Abenakyo,(Eninha ya Kiira)

His Lordship Samuel William Waako Wambuzi,(Eninha ya Kiira)

Sheik Dactoor Abdu Qadir Muwaya, (Sir W Gabula Nadiope II)

Owek Daudi Kintu Mutekanga, (Sir W Gabula Nadiope II)

Owek Yekonia Menhya Kibedi Zirabamuzale Kyedumira, (Sir W Gabula Nadiope II)

Rt Rev Bishop Dr Cyprian K Bamwoze, (Sir WWGN II)

HE Specioza Naigaga Ohtana ekyeru Wandira ,(SWW GN II)

Rt Hon Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga (Sir WW GABULA NADIOPE II) .

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