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PHOTOS: Mourners Flock Kasiwukira’s Home

Police have rushed to a suspected murder scene in Muyenga, ask stomach a leafy Kampala suburb, for sale where a city businessman, Eria Sebunya Bugembe alias Kasiwuukira, was found dead.

The cause of the tycoon’s death remains unclear.

However, he was found in a pool of blood.

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, Patrick Onyango told Chimpreports on Friday morning that, “at first we thought it was a hit-and-run.”

He added: “But after talking to neighbours, they saw a car parked on the roadside. When he started jogging, we suspect the driver of this car deliberately knocked him dead before driving off.”

Kampala Woman MP, Nabilah Naggayi obtained pictures of the deceased.

They showed a huge and raw injury on Kasiwuukira’s head.

Nabilah suspects it could have been “hit and run” scenario but fell short of ruling out “possible murder.”


The lawmaker said Kasiwuukira was “doing his routine jogging near his home in Muyenga.”

She described the deceased as a “friend” and “brother.”

Singer Sarah Zawedde said Kasiwukira, whom he described as her brother-in-law, was knocked dead as he jogged in Muyenga.

The deceased has been serving as the deputy treasurer of the Kwagalana Club, a group of wealthy Kampala businessmen.

He has been the proprietor of SEB Industries which manufactures tiles and pavers.
The embattled ruling National Resistance Movement party Secretary General, cheap Amama Mbabazi is yet again set for another round of grilling by party chairman, purchase President Museveni today Friday.

Mbabazi who was on Thursday quizzed and humiliated in a historic 11-hour session by the Central Executive Committee meeting at State House Nakasero on his covert presidential campaigns, tadalafil is supposed to depart his posh Kololo residence with his Wife Jacqueline Ruhindi Mbabazi besides him straight to the same venue for another interview.

Chimpreports has exclusively learnt that Mbabazi will only be together with his wife on the way, but on reaching the Southern Wing gate opposite Sheraton where they have been directed to use; his wife will be whisked to a different direction.

The meeting is designed in a way that Museveni meets Mbabazi and Jacqueline separately.

“He accepted mobilizing for campaigns but did not tell us all. We all agreed that he and his wife should meet the chairman the next day in the morning for another interview,” said a high ranking source in the NRM party who attended the meeting but asked to remain anonymous since he is not supposed to speak to media.

Mbabazi admitted for the first time yesterday, that he has been carrying out campaigns for the presidency ahead of the 2016 elections.

After facing Museveni today with his wife, Mbabazi shall again report to another CEC meeting on Saturday which will decide whether he should be thrown out or retained Secretary General.

The NRM Constitution provides that the Secretary General can be elected or impeached by the delegates’ conference.

However, CEC, which is the second highest decision making organ of NRM, has already received petitions and signatures from the party`s youth league and the caucus asking that Mbabazi cease being the party on grounds of abuse of office and creation of intrigue and other related offences.

On Wednesday, the Youth League passed a resolution demanding that the once powerful ‘super minister’ faces a disciplinary committee for undermining the party chairman President Museveni and working covertly to promote his presidential ambitions at the expense of the organisation’s common interests.

In a letter to the NRM Disciplinary Committee Chairman, Hajji Moses Kigongo which Chimpreports has seen, the Youth League recommends that “Hon. Amama Mbabazi be dismissed as Secretary General and we here by withdraw our recognition to him as such.”

The youth claim their decision to kick out Mbabazi was informed by the “continued undermining of the national party Chairman (Museveni) by de-campaigning him among party leaders and delegates through holding secret meetings to push a personal anti-party agenda. This behaviour amounts to intrigue and blackmail of the party Chairman and President of Uganda.”

They further allege that “Hon. Amama Mbabazi has abused his authority as the party custodian by conniving with his daughter to hide the national party register to frustrate the party leadership and holding the party at ransom, while demanding excessive monies to release it. This behaviour contravenes Rule 4(f) code of conduct.”

This investigative website understands that Thursday`s CEC meeting was postponed to Saturday since their chairman Museveni will be available for a very short time on Friday to quiz Mbabazi and his wife.

Jacqueline Mbabazi is suspected of raising funds for her husband’s grassroot mobilisers.

The funds were reportedly used to induce and trick NRM party members and mobilisers into signing a petition to convene a delegates’ conference to challenge the NRM party resolution taken at Kyankwanzi to front Museveni as the organisation’s sole candidate in the 2016 polls.
1:00pm: Prominent businessmen, cialis 40mg government officials and other mourners have Friday morning rushed to the residence of ‘killed’ city tycoon Eriya Sebunya Bugembe alias Kasiwukira, check in Muyenga, a leafy Kampala suburb.

A member of Kwagalana Group, an association that brings together Uganda’s wealthiest businessmen, was one of the oldest music promoters in the country and successful entrepreneur.

Kasiwukira died today morning after being knocked by a vehicle a few metres away from his home after commencing his routine jogging session.

Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, Patrick Onyango said they suspect “possible murder” considering that he was crushed dead by a car which had been parked by unknown people on the roadside near his residence.

Lule Ntake, a close friend to the deceased, said he was “deeply saddened” by the incident.

He got news at around 7.30am

“One of our friends and immediate neighbour called me very early in the morning and informed me that Mr Sebunya had died,” recounted Ntake.

“But I could not believe this story until I heard from his wife a few minutes later,” he added.

Sebunya’s wife told me to “hurry up, your brother is dead.”

Ntake added that “the shock, pain and trauma caused by Sebunya’s death will take long to heal.”

“He was the pillar of Kwagalana Group and one of the strongest entrepreneurs this country had,” added Ntake.

Hajji Buwembo, the proprietor of BMK group of companies, says he received the sad news from a colleague but that he too had difficulty in believing the story.

“I have been shocked to hear that Sebunya who had just sent a message to all of us Kwagalana members requesting us to attend a meeting with the Executive Director that he is dead,” said BMK as he disclosed the message to other mourners.

Police have since sealed off the crime scene to carry out an intensive probe into the suspected murder.

The deceased’s body was taken to Mulago hospital for a post mortem report.

Kabalagala DPC Francis Chemusto refused to comment on the incident in his area of jurisdiction.

The deceased is survived by a widow and children whose number has not yet been revealed.

The late has been the proprietor of a number of business enterprises in Kampala and its suburbs which include, Nalubwama Arcade along Ben Kiwanuka Street, Timuseo Mpoza Plaza Building and a brick making factory in Najjanankumbi.


10:00am: Members of the Kwagalana Club have rushed to the home of deceased pioneer music promoter and businessman, Eria Sebunya Bugembe alias Kasiwuukira after learning of his sudden death this morning.

ChimpCorp, Michael Nteza who is currently at the deceased businessman’s home says that Haji Bulayimu Kibirige alias BMK, Haji Issa Sekitto of KACITA and Gaster Ntake Lule are some of the members of the group that have already arrived at the plush home in Muyenga.

When asked to comment on the incidence, Kasiwukira’s brother, Douglas Mpozza (Ssalongo) says that he got the news of his brother’s demise at around 7:00 AM which shocked him so much since he had just passed by the spot where he (Kasiwukira) was found dead moments earlier.

Blood flows on the road where Kasiwukira fell after being knocked by a car
Blood flows on the road where Kasiwukira fell after being knocked by a car

“He was residing in the same neighborhood as me and I passed by the same spot at about 5 AM but there was nothing, it is just too shocking and hard to believe what just happened,” he said.

Asked to comment on what he thinks was the cause of the death, Mpozza said that it was too early to come to conclusions and that besides he needed to first manage the shock before he made any comments.

Hajji Ibrahim Kibirige also known as BMK, the proprietor of Hotel Africana making calls to other members of Kwagalana at the deceased's residence
Hajji Ibrahim Kibirige also known as BMK, the proprietor of Hotel Africana making calls to other members of Kwagalana at the deceased’s residence

A number of several other relatives, friends and journalists have also gathered at the home which is currently engulfed in a somber mood studded with wailings.

The deceased has been serving as the deputy treasurer of the Kwagalana Club, a group of wealthy Kampala businessmen and also the proprietor of SEB Industries which manufactures tiles and pavers.

Some of the mourners outside Kasiwukira's residence
Some of the mourners outside Kasiwukira’s residence


Mourners arriving at Kasiwukira's home
Mourners arriving at Kasiwukira’s home


Nalubwama Arcade on Ben Kiwanuka street is one of the buildings owned by the deceased
Nalubwama Arcade on Ben Kiwanuka street is one of the buildings owned by the deceased
A section of the deceased's palatial residence in Muyenga, Kampala
A section of the deceased’s palatial residence in Muyenga, Kampala
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