Kutesa Bids Farewell to Sudan Envoy amid Renewed Ties

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sam Kutesa on Monday bid farewell to the outgoing Ambassador of Sudan, Abdelbagi Hamad Kabeir at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a statement from the Ministry says.

Kutesa thanked Amb Kabeir for the improved and good working relations with the Uganda government over the period he has been in Uganda, particularly for the mutual interest both countries have had in regional stability through Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD).

The outgoing Ambassador, the statement reads, also commended the good working relations with Uganda and the Ministry in particular, throughout his tenure of service, the highlight of which of which saw a historic visit of President Museveni to Sudan after a period of almost two decades.

Uganda and Sudan fought several proxy wars in the 1990s, leading to unprecedented destruction of property and loss of thousands of lives.

However, the two countries have since renewed ties, ending the bad blood that had lasted decades.

Attending a function in Sudan late last year, President Museveni revealed that the frosty relationship between Kampala and Khartoum was no more.

“I had not come to Sudan for a long time because we had misunderstandings. You know the story,” he said.

“But I linked up with some people who linked me to Field Marshal Bashir and we spoke. I came here a few months back and I am back.”

Sudan’s unity and stability, the President said, directly impacts on Uganda’s prosperity.

“Uganda is losing opportunities by wars in the Sudan. You have heard us being called land-locked. We’re not land-locked,” he said.

“We have a highway called the Nile that leads us to the Mediterranean but it can’t be used because of problems in the Sudan. Uganda will do everything possible to support Sudan in peace-making.”

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