Kulayigye Roots for War On Guns, Death Penalty

Former Uganda People’s Defense Forces Chief Political Commissar, story Col. Felix Kulayigye has called upon government to step up the hunt for and recovery of the numerous fire arms now illegally in civilian hands.

Col. Kulayigye was Friday commenting on the gruesome murder of the former Police Spokesperson, viagra dosage AIGP Felix Kaweesi who was murdered by unknown assailants this morning as he was leaving his home for work.

Kulayigye said the country had lost a brilliant, intelligent, committed, active and humble police officer at the hands of irresponsible gun holders.

“We should step up the search for the guns from the illegal hands; the guns owned by army officers and police are all recorded ; it would be easier to trace the culprits,” Kulayigye said.

Kulayigye also noted that given the rampant murders across the the country, the idea of abolishing the death penalty should be revisited.

“We have death penalty on the UPDF Act and it has helped us to maintain discipline; similarly I think if someone has been involved in murdering another, once convicted by Courts of law, we should have the fellow off this earth.”

“We must restore the respect of human life; we can’t afford to lose our country to criminals; I think we should restore the death penalty.”

Although the death penalty has not been formally abolished, the former UPDF spokesperson noted that since 1998, it hasn’t been implemented and that the criminals are growing more emboldened.

Kulayigye also called also suggested the ban of bodaboda motorcycles from the capital city.

 “The bodabodas have been cited in most of these murders, something has to be done. I have traveled to Addis Ababa, Munich, Washington and the bodabodas were abolished from the city centers, this is what we should emulate.”

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