Koboko: Anite Concedes Defeat to Ayume; Decries Electoral Malpractices

State Minister for Investment, Evelyne Anite, has conceded defeat in the Koboko Municipality MP race, saying, “all is well, we put up a good fight but we’ve lost.”

Preliminary results show Dr Charles Ayume leading with 8,089 votes with Anite coming second with 7,321 votes.

The Minister, who had vowed to teach Ayume a big lesson, decried electoral malpractices which including allowing non-NRM members and opposition supporters to participate in the election.

“One of my agent’s houses has been set ablaze. People were ferried from outside Koboko and they could vote for as many times as possible,” Anite told ChimpReports on Friday.

Conceding defeat, Anite observed: “I have accepted and wish everyone the best.”

Asked if she would stand as an Independent in 2021 MP elections, Anite noted: “How should I stand as an independent? For what? I can’t waste my time. I am not desperate. I can’t go for desperate measures.”

She emphasised: “I can only point out the malpractices. For example how do you prepare a vooter’s register on the voting day? These elections should have been postponed. If the right thing was done, I would have won.”

Ayume, who previously worked at State House, is the son of former Attorney General, Francis Ayume. The family status of the Ayume’s soars above Anite’s.


“Of course, I have tapped into the legacy of my father but when you are going into something, you have to have conviction,” Dr Ayume was quoted as saying recently.

The late Ayume, who served as Solicitor General, Speaker of Parliament, and Attorney General, represented Koboko County in Parliament from 1996 until his death in 2004 in a road accident in Nakasongola.

Francis Ayume recently vowed to defeat Anite, saying, “When you move around Koboko, what Anite says she has done is not reflected on ground.”

He mobilised youth and elders in Koboko to send him to Parliament.

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