‘Kisoro Economically Awakened’

President Museveni has said that the National Resistance Movement government inherited a failed economy and non-existent State Institutions in 1986 and this is the reason it has taken time to rectify some of the important development infrastructure in the country.

The President, order who is currently on a wealth creation campaign in Kigezi Sub-Region, was during the weekend responding to the demand for an explanation by the people of Kanungu for an explanation for the erratic electricity load shedding in the area that greatly affected business in the area.

Mr. Museveni said that he was aware of the situation and he had time and again been seeking for explanation from the line Energy Ministry.

He told wananchi that according to the briefing the line Ministry has provided the existing power lines are too old and cannot adequately handle the existing energy output as the National Resistance Movement Government has managed to increase power production from 60 megawatts in 1986 to the current 850 megawatts.

He said there is need for the replacement of those power lines countrywide.

He noted that in the process of replacing the old lines the population will have to go through the regrettable challenge of load shedding but appealed to citizens to understand and bear with the situation for the time being.

“We found a dead economy and started from zero. As we handle one challenge, another one comes up. We solved the energy issue and now we have to replace transmission wires country wide and you need to bear with us,” the President said.

He however said that as government handles its part of providing the much needed services, the people need to devote efforts to wealth creation and income generation.


He said that for the rural population modern agriculture that is profit oriented was the answer. He announced that government has already secured funds and tendered the upgrading of the road from Rukungiri to Kanungu adding that work on the road was to start soon.

Earlier, the President commissioned the newly built Gorilla Summit Coffee Factory owned by businessman, Hamlet Kabushenga.

He commended him for adding value to Ugandan coffee and said that government will extend to the factory all the necessary support.

He also commissioned Rugyeyo Community Hospital, a private-public partnership hospital and commended the hospital promoter and businessman Mr. Garuga Musinguzi, for supplementing government in the health service delivery sector.
President Museveni has said that even if government provided the entire necessary development infrastructure, look such as roads, information pills energy and water, about it among others, it would not have served the purpose if the population would not utilize it to generate income and get rid of poverty.

Addressing a public rally in Kisoro town last Friday, the President said that development infrastructure is provided so that the population utilizes it to create wealth and better their lives.

He said that the National Resistance Movement government has not been lagging behind in the struggle to provide and better development infrastructure in the country but said that citizens must respond by utilizing those avenues to improve their income and livelihood.

“Kisoro and many other parts of Uganda demanded for power, tarmac road and water which we have provided but they exist side by side with poverty. So what should government do”, he wondered.

He said that the number one goal of government is how to get rid of poverty in the population and noted that government was on the right track in providing the needed development infrastructure.

The President attributed the poverty and underdevelopment of Uganda and the African continent to being both ideologically and economically un-enlightened and said that even leaders have not done much to enlighten the population.

He said that leaders need time to study the situations surrounding the people they lead diagnose them and make the right prescriptions to the poverty problem in Africa.

He commended the people of Kisoso district whom he said were economically awakened and said that because of the land fragmentation problem in the area emphasis should be put on intensive farming that is profit oriented. He said that government is ready to avail funds for agro-processing starting with the tea factory to be built in Kisoro.

The president used the occasion to caution the youth about the deadly HIV/AIDS reminding them that the disease has no known cure and the existing ARVs are just to help prolong life of an infected person.

Earlier, the President commissioned a new Irish potato processing plant constructed by business man Tom Mugenga. The factory, which is valued at US$5 million, processes Irish potato into chips, crisps, corns and makes mixed vegetables both for export and for the local market. Mr. Mugenga said his main target is the regional and Arab world markets.

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