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Kisenyi Terror Suspects Case Drags on

The Criminal Investigations and Intelligence Department (CIID) has set Tuesday as the date for embattled State Minister for Works and Transport, cialis 40mg thumb Eng Abraham Byandala to report at the investigations body’s headquarters in Kibuli over fraud.

Byandala is accused of peddling influence that saw Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) hand a shs165bn contract for the construction of Mukono-Katosi road to the shadowy and controversial EUTAW firm before completion of the due diligence process.

“The Directorate is investigating a case of alleged mismanagement of the procurement process for Mukono-Katosi-Nyenga road, information pills ” wrote CIID boss Grace Akullo to Byandala on December 27.

“The contract is alleged to have been fraudulently offered to Eutaw Construction Company and it is alleged that during the procurement process, you wrote a letter dated December 24, 2013, instructing the acting Executive Director to sign a contract as they carry out due diligence.”

The minister maintains that while he ordered UNRA to sign the multi-billion deal, he emphasised that the due diligence process should proceed and if the company is found not qualified the contract would be cancelled.

Byandala was told to report Tuesday morning before Special Investigations Unit boss, detective Charles Kataratambi.

This the first move police are taking in line with a presidential directive to ensure money lost in the Katosi saga is recovered.

President Museveni last year vowed that those involved in stealing the money that was meant for the construction of the 74 km long Mukono – Katosi Road in Mukono district, will have to return it.


He launched the construction works of that road in July last year. The road had been put at Shs.165 billion to build.

“Uganda has Shs.1.9 trillion for road fund. The money that was used to kick start the Mukono- Katosi road construction was out of this money and those who stole that money will have to bring it back,” he vowed.

A Chinese company – CICO – was sub contracted by a phony company, Eutaw, which was the principle contractor to tarmac the Mukono – Katosi road. Uganda National Road Authority had paid Shs. 24 billion in advance to the dubious road construction firm that has since vanished in thin air.

According to UNRA Acting Executive Director, James Okiror, EUTAW did not have the capacity to enter into contract with UNRA in the first place and relied on gross misrepresentations to win this contract.

These misrepresentations started way back in 2010 up to 15 November 2013 when the contract was signed.

Taxpayer bears brunt 

On the 07 November 2014, EUTAW received a notification of award from UNRA and this is what it used to lure the Chinese contractors to be their sub – contractors.

Sensing an opportunity to do work for an American company that was about to sign a contract with UNRA, CICO obliged to the asking of EUTAW who by then they thought were legitimate having earned that right by being in possession of a notification of award from UNRA.

It is understood the Chinese were potentially a victim of EUTAW’s fraudulent operations as UNRA was.

They relied on the fact the UNRA had done the requisite vetting as is normally done for other companies and this is what could have put them in the precarious situation they find themselves in at this time.

The Attorney General Peter Nyombi has since written to President Museveni, urging him to allow CICO to finish the work as the new tendering process provides that two successful bidders for the same contract want shs253bn. This means the tax payer will lose shs110bn.

Officials further contend that getting a new contractor will obviously come at a higher cost and delayed completion date as opposed to the use of the existing contractor.

No new contractor can complete this project using the remaining Shs 140bn and complete the project within the remaining two and a half years.

Chimpreports understands that after through investigations, suspended UNRA bosses would face police and even have their properties seized.

The former UNRA directors suspected of being part of the fraudulent deal include Ssebuga Kimeze, David Luyimbazi (Planning Director), Marvin Baryaruha (Legal) and Joe Ssemugooma (Finance).
Buganda Road Court Magistrate Joan Aciro has again adjourned to January 19, order 2015 the case in which 10 Somali and Kenyan nationals are charged with belonging to Al Shabaab terrorist  group.

On September 13, dosage Uganda apprehended 19 suspected Al Shabaab militants from their cell in Kisenyi, a Kampala suburb.

The suspects have since been identified as  Abdi Abdukadiri Hirsi(31), Abdi Abdulahi Bootan(26), Hassan Abduwali Muhamad (25),Muhamad Ahmed Gele(28) ,Yusuf Osman Hussein(29), Abdi Muhammad and Abdul Kadir Muhamed (24) (all Somali nationals).

Others are Muhamad Yusuf Farah, a Kenyan manager aged 31,Yasmin Abdullahi (20) and Hodan Ahmed Dahir.

In his submission, the state prosecutor Edward Muhumuza told court that police investigations were still ongoing and asked court for more time before the suspects are sent to High Court where hearing of the case will take place.

However, a source who preferred anonymity intimated to ChimpReports on Monday that the file had on request been sent to the Director of Public Prosecution for perusal after which he is expected to forward to the High Court for trial to begin or the charges dismissed.

Prosecution alleges that the suspects from September 2011 up to September 2014 in various places of Uganda, Kenya and Somalia aided, abetted and rendered to support Al Shabaab group knowing that this would be used for preparation and commission of terrorism contrary to section 8 of the Anti -Terrorism Act of 2002.

Prosecution further alleges that the group between 2010 and September 2014, they belonged to Al Quaeda and Al Shabaab terrorist organizations listed under the Anti – Terrorism Act 2002 in the laws of Uganda.

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