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Kirumira’s Father Speaks out after Nalufenya Visit

Baker Kawooya, the father of former Buyende District Police Commander Mohammad Kirumira paid a visit to his son who is currently being detained at Nalufenya in Jinja.

Kirumira was picked from his home in Bulenga, Wakiso District by operatives from the Flying Squad Unit of police last week.

His arrest came after he declared that he was resigning from police, a process that would be halted by his bosses, who said that he can’t resign when he still has sub judice cases.

The embattled police commander was charged with torture, extortion, corruption, bribery, unlawful arrests and excessive use of authority.

Kirumira will appear again before the police tribunal on Tuesday February 6.

Dad’s visit

Kawooya reached the gates of Nalufenya detention facility in Jinja to check on his son at around 3pm.

Speaking to this website, Kawooya said that it took them over an hour before the security personnel at the facility allowed them to talk to Kirumira.


“It was not an easy process,” he said.

To the facility, Kawooya went with his son and a driver.

Dressed in civilian attire and sandals, Kirumira was brought to talk to his dad, but police was in earshot to tap their conversation.

Kawooya told our reporter that “my son is in good condition,” adding that “he is only worried of his family that he left when the door of the house was removed by the flying squad police on the day he was arrested.”

Additionally, he said that his son still maintains his stance of quiting police and denies all cases he is charged with.

“I pray that Justice prevails in Kirumira’s matter because he has to go back to look after the family that he left back home,” he concluded.

Abubaker Kuteesa, Kirumira’s brother did not divert from what the father recounted from the visit.

He, however, he noted that they were still receiving threats from unknown men who always come at their home dressed in black.

It should also be recalled that Kirumira’s wife Mariam was also last week attacked by unknown thugs as he went to Railway Police Post to check on his husband, where he had shortly been detained before being taken to Nalufenya.


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