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Kiruhura : 7 Power Transformers Vandalized

Police has warned of a new crime wave involving theft and vandalism of electricity power transformers and lines.

According to the law enforcement body, investigations are ongoing regarding various reports of vandalism of power cables, fuses and oils from different parts of the country.

In the investigations, police revealed that Kiruhura district in western Uganda recorded the highest number of electricity equipment lost to the hands of unscrupulous individuals.

Addressing the press at Police Headquarters in Kampala, the Deputy Spokeswoman ACP Polly Namaye said that a total of 7 transformers were stolen from the district and police is still tracing for their whereabouts.

It is alleged that thieves target rural areas and hard to reach places such as ranches where transmission lines pass.

The vice however has greatly affected people of Kikaatsi, Kenshunga and Kinoni sub counties as power is cut off by thieves.

Police has encouraged village security committees across the country to be on the lookout for suspicious people who are seen tempering with the new electricity installations.

Last week, police in Old Kampala recovered electricity transmission line materials which were suspected to have been stolen from Karuma power line.


The recovery followed a complaint that came from Kiryandongo district alleging that materials for electricity distribution had been stolen and loaded on a vehicle headed to Kampala.

Old Kampala police did the operation which led to the recovery of the truck.

Chimp corps established that the vandalized materials are sold to aluminum smelting factories in Kampala.

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