Kiprop Finishes Eighth in Mumbai Marathon

FDC Presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye’s tour of Iganga town has received a boost of what youthful party supporters described as a ‘Mamba’.

The Mamba vehicle was developed not only as an APC but as a mine protected vehicle for operations in areas where land mines are likely to be encountered.

This followed a long series of mine-proofed vehicles specifically produced to counter the mine warfare conditions once prevalent along the South African borders and in the former Rhodesia.

Interestingly, help there was drama in Iganga on Monday when about 12 FDC fans drove in what they labelled as a Mamba to Besigye’s rally.

The car was designed and painted in a way that resembled a military truck.

The occupants dressed like commandos ready for deployment in enemy territory.

The excited FDC youth posing for photos
The excited FDC youth posing for photos

Wearing black sun goggles, prostate the FDC youth chanted pro-Besigye songs as they entered the town in Eastern Uganda.

The youth claimed being commandos from 0 Brigade based in Jinja.


Police officers deployed to secure the venue where Besigye was expected to hold his rallies looked on with amusement as the FDC youth posed for photos flagged the party symbol.

The youth claim belonging to '0 Brigade'
The youth claim belonging to ‘0 Brigade’
Senior Presidential Adviser on finance and economic planning, sale Prof. Ezra Suruma has Monday been installed as the Chancellor of Makerere University Kampala.

The ex-finance minister was dully installed in the presence of the Prime Minister Dr Ruhakana Rugunda, capsule Chancellor Prof Mondo Kagonyera and other dignitaries from both the University and Government.

The Chancellor was appointed by the President on the recommendation of the University Council.

In his remarks, Prof. Suruma thanked his predecessor Dr Kagonyera for accomplishing 8 years of incredible service and promised to carry the flag on higher.

“In accepting to be Chancellor of Makerere University, i accept the responsibility to contribute in every way that I can, in order to take the university to higher heights than I found it, spread its fame wider, and strive to leave every aspect of its existence better than I found it,” he said.

He is the third non-head of state Chancellor of the University, the first one having been Prof. Apollo Nsibambi.

Prof. Suruma holds the degree of Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Finance, from Fordham University, in New York. He has a Master of Arts (MA)degree in Economics and a master’s degree in Computer Science and one in International Banking.

Prior to his government and private sector work, Dr. Suruma worked as a Professor of Economics & Management at Makerere University.

In 1987, he joined the Bank of Uganda as the Director of Research, serving in that capacity until 1990.

From 1990 until 1993, he served as the Deputy Governor of the Bank of Uganda until 1993.

He was appointed Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development in 2005, a position he served until 2009, when he was appointed Senior Presidential Adviser on Finance & Economic Planning.
Ugandan star marathoner Jackson Kiprop failed to impress at the 13th edition of the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon held on Sunday after finishing in a distant eighth place.

Kiprop clocked two hours, purchase 14 minutes and 54 seconds which was six minutes late. Kenya’s Gideon Kipketer who was making his first appearance at the marathon bagged the top prize after completing the course with two hours, treat eight minutes and 35 seconds.

Kipketer’s finishing time was a record on the course overrunning an earlier one set by Kiprop in 2013 with about 52 seconds.

The winner took home $41, recipe 000 as prize money and an additional $14,000 for the course record set.

Ethiopia’s Seboka Dibaba (02:09:20) and  Marius Kimutai (02:09:39) from Kenya completed the remaining podium places.

Over 40,000 runners participated in different categories of the event.

Final results:

Gideon Kipketer (KEN) 02:08:35

Seboka Dibaba (ETH) 02:09:20

Marius Kimutai (KEN) 02:09:39

Herpasa Negasa (ETH) 02:10:17

Jacob Cheshari (KEN) 02:11:59

Josphat Leting (KEN) 02:12:04

Seboka Negusse (ETH) 02:13:20

Jackson Kiprop (UGA) 02:14:54

Dereje Debele (ETH) 02:15:30

Nitendra Singh Rawat (IND) -02:15:48.

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