Kinkiizi Leaders Explain Decline in Museveni Support

Local leaders of Kinkizi West Constituency in Kanungu District have come out to reveal issues that caused the decline of President Yoweri Museveni’s support in the area, as was witnessed in the 2016 presidential elections.

Museveni managed only 57% of the vote in Kinkiizi, a significant drop from 90% in the 2011 election.

Some of the issues pointed out by NRM local leaders was what was termed as “growing segregation among party members and disintegration of the party structures.”

The NRM leaders say leading up to the 2016 election, many NRM supporters who were considered to be insignificant were left out and often belittled.

They also note that there was formation of several contact NRM offices that turned out to serve individual interests.

The then Kanungu RDC Ms Harriet Nakamya was also blamed by the local leaders for fanning politics of hatred and getting deeply involved in the party primaries.

Speaking at a recent NRM consultative meeting at Two Stars hotel in Kihihi town council, Mrs. Keredonia Zikanga, an NRM women’s leader in Kinkizi west, said she has no issues with president Museveni, but the people that represent him on the ground.

“Museveni is a visionary leader; he introduced UPE and my children were able to go to school. One of my sons just graduated as a doctor,” she said.


“But I was perturbed by the way in which I was pushed and tossed in all the four campaign offices in Kinkizi West because I am poor.”

“Museveni’s people are costing him his support because they are terrible people,” she added.

Zikanga says if it wasn’t for divisionism and discrimination in the NRM, Hon Amama Mbabazi would not have managed the 11% vote that he got in Kanungu district

“There wouldn’t have been “Go Forward” if it weren’t for these people that don’t value other people.”

On her part, the Kanungu District Woman MP Hon. Karungi Elizabeth Beikirize, attributed the poor performance of the NRM support base in Kanungu to former RDC Mrs Harriet Nakamya.

“Kamya brought conflicts, hatred and disunity in Kanungu”, the MP said.

“People don’t want politics of hatred; they want politics of service delivery.”

During the consultative meeting that was organized by Maj. (Rtd) Willian Ntuyehe Masumbuko, the district party mobilizer for the 2021 elections, members called for lessons to be drawn from the 2016 mistakes.

Maj Masumbuko appealed to the pleaders in Kinkizi West to strategize, get reunited and lay a strong base for mobilizing and campaigning for a massive victory for NRM and President Museveni.

He also urged them to steer clear of hatred, segregation and mistrust, but to focus on building team spirit.

“Let us not fight, let’s work together and stop hatred for our genuine cause”, Maj. Masumbuko added.

Speaking at the event, Kanungu RDC Haji Shafiq Sengooba Sekandi condemned the actions of his predecessor
Harriet Nakamya of causing confusion and division.

“It was not wise for her to get so deeply involved. She had no business intervening in the NRM primary elections,” he said.

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