King Saha, Emma Carlos Connive to Steal Radio’s Melodies

Singer King Saha has teamed up with Rydim Empire’s Emma Carlos Mulondo who is also former Goodlyfe manager to steal some of the late Mowzey Radio’s hooks.

It should be remembered that during the last days of the deceased, Carlos was his right hand man who used to move with him to different places like Mulungo, Mutima Island, Rastas beach among others.

“Anytime the vocal legend got a melody humming in his head he used to confide in Carlos to record it on his phone,” claimed a reliable source in Goodlyfe.

R.I.P Radio Mowzey

However, barely 9months under the ground, his melodies and hooks have been stolen and taken over by Carlos and the ‘Biri Biri’ singer.

ChimpLyf has landed on exclusive information that King Saha has teamed up with Emma Carlos and sold one of the late’s feeling to Derick Orone of Rydim Empire at a tune of Shs5M for Rydim Boyz.

It is understood that the song released in connection to Radio’s melody is titled ‘Mary’.

A collaboration between manager Derrick’s Rydim Boyz and King Saha; ‘Mary’ is an afro beat jam produced by Baur.

Rydim Boyz

The audio is already out and those who have listened to it confess that it has Mowzey Radio written all over it.


Nevertheless as the saying goes ‘good men must die but death cannot kill their names’…Radio’s name will never be stolen.

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