King Saha Apologizes to Fans, Vows to Deal with Bebe Cool ‘Personally’

The saga between two renowned singers Mansoor Ssemanda better known as King Saha and Bebe Cool seems to be far from end as it keeps taking a different direction each day that passes by.

The two have been ranting close to a week now over Bebe Cool’s 2019 music list.

However, Saha has finally apologized to his fans saying he is sorry for the way he has been taking things and that it is not his way of handling things.

“I know most people especially the fans are not happy with this saga & I apologize coz that has never been my way of handling things. Baby Kul’s criticizing me had a lot of hidden intentions which you will know in the long run,” reads part of the statement.

He added, “So for now, I am begging you kindly to allow me sort you musically as I deal with this fool personally,” Saha wrote on his Facebook page.

How it all started

Way back, three years to be exact, singer Bebe Cool started ‘Bebe Cool list,’ where he names and recognizes the artistes and songs that he believes have dominated the airwaves in a year

The list as we show you part of it below, indicates that King Saha’s ‘Hello hello’ track passed, but with a ‘warning.’

  1. Fresh Daddy was the JOKE OF THE YEAR
  2. Suspekt Leizor (Wulira Ebaala)
  3. Winnie Nwagi (Yitaayo alongside Chozen Blood, Amaaso ft. Vinka) she concentrated on a lot of collabos and troubles but she remains a good artist.
  4. King Saha (Hello Hello) WARNING
  5. Apass (Guli Wano) But Apass be serious!

That warning alone wasn’t issue enough to Saha, but from the look of things, he got mad when the Gagamel boss revealed that Saha should quit using drugs, a cause he noted will soon lead to his down fall musically.

“I don’t want us to organize a Car Wash for King Saha, he is drowning in drugs. They are taking his life because his body shape and appearance can tell. We are not ready to organize a Car Wash for someone who has a talent and a great voice but he is mishandling it because of drugs,” said Bebe Cool.

That did not go well on Saha’s side as he got furious and started naming Bebe Cool names such as Baby Ful, among others.

He in one of his statements said that the Gagamel boss who has never won any sensible international award or inspired any one, does not have any moral right or authority to talk about a thing or two in the Music industry.

“Someone who has never won any sensible international music award like BET or Grammy award or inspired anybody has no moral authority to tell people what to do in Music. If he has nothing to do he should use that time to go to State House to beg free money than coming up with meaningless list,” Saha said.

Saha also told Bebe Cool to develop common sense, “for the last 20 years in your music career, you have never had any international concert of your own or nominated in BET Awards and you start judging musicians? I just don’t get it. Your age mates are involving themselves in sensitive matters and you are busy coming up with Music lists. Develop some common sense bro.”

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