King Ceasor Graces Accreditation Ceremony in Israel, Visits Holy Places

The Honory Consul General of the socialist Republic of Vietnam to Uganda King Ceasor Mulenga has on November 5th graced Israel’s high class ceremony where Yaron Tami, the Foreign Affairs Minister for the Central District of Haifa and North was accredited.

The event was held at the Ministry of Foreign affair’s offices in Israel.

While in Israel, King Ceasor is reported to have been able to visit some of the most notable holy places in the country including; Jerusalem, the Temple mount and many more.

King Ceasor posing at Western wall


The Consul General walked along a half kilometre western wall on Herod Road, a road believed to be used by Jesus Christ while visiting the Temple 2000 years ago.

The courtyard of the Temple Mount is a huge stone-paved courtyard, 140 acres large, built during the times of Herod at the end of the 1st century (BCE). King Ceasor established that the Second Temple, which was renovated by Herod, is also located in this courtyard.

According to history, the platform surrounding the Temple Mount was built on top of a hill which was identified in the Jewish tradition as Mount Moriah, the most sacred place for the Jewish people, where the beginning of the world’s creation and the binding of Isaac took place.

King Ceasor with some of Isreal’s top Officials while attending the Accreditaion Ceremony at Foreign Affair’s offices

Traditionally, King Solomon built the First Temple here, and it is also said to be a place where the exiles of Babel returned to build the Second Temple. Herod renovated the temple and created an artificial expansion of the hill.


The platform of the Temple Mount is supported by four huge walls, built from large chiseled stones which were placed on top of each other. One of the supporting walls is the Western Wall, which serves today as a site for prayers and gatherings.


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