King Caesar Donates Shs 60m to Construct Mother Mary Goroto at Makerere

King Caesar Augustine Mulenga has on Sunday, March 3 delivered Shs 60 million, a pledge he promised for the construction of the Mother Mary Groto at St. Augustine Chapel, Makerere University.

While delivering the money during the Sunday’s mass, Caesar, a philanthropist and Counsel General of Vietnam in Uganda, urged Christians to always give back to God because he is the “owner of life and therefore all wealth.”

“God has given us the greatest gift of all, which is life, so all the wealth we have belongs to him. When you die, you leave this world with nothing and God redistributes that wealth. It doesn’t matter how much you have,” Caesar told the congregation at Makerere.

Caesar pledged the money during a special thanksgiving Mass of Thomas and Anita Tayebwa for their 10th Wedding Anniversary on Valentine’s Day, February 14, presided over by the Archbishop of Mbarara Paul K. Bakyenga.

Caesar’s pledge was delivered together with  Mr. Tayebwa’s Shs 10m, making a total of Shs70m.

king Caesar talking to the congregation at St. Augustine Chapel, Makerere University

Mr Tayebwa, the Member of Parliament for Ruhinda North, in Mitooma district and a member of the Archdiocese of Mbarara Development Association (AMDA), had dedicated the proceeds from the special thanksgiving mass to the project of building the chapel, for which St. Augustine community at Makerere University had been fundraising since the year began.

Caesar however said he realized that the community’s majority were students who may not be able to fundraise in a short time.

“And yet, the House for the Mother of our Lord, the Mother of our Church is an urgent matter,” he said.


“As an alumni of the St. Augustine Community and Makerere University, I am happy to contribute the full budget such that the house of the lord is built immediately,” King Caesar said.

He thanked Tayebwa and the AMDA Community for the great work they are doing for the church.

AMDA Chairman Dr. Gaston Ampe thanked Caesar for being a great benefactor to the Church.

Makerere University Chaplain Fr. Josephat Ddungu thanked King Caesar for a great heart.

“God brings the right people at the right time. We thank you for the generous heart and pray that God blesses you always,” he said.

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