Kimosho Nominated for Kazo; to Focus on Health Service Delivery, Youth Employment

Dan Kimosho has this Friday been nominated to stand as an NRM MP candidate for Kazo constituency, Western Uganda.

Speaking after his nomination, Kimosho, a former public relations practitioner, said he would focus on lobbying for the extension of better health services to Kazo.

“We have a population of 200,000 people served by a Health Centre IV,” said Kimosho, adding, “This is not enough.”

“If elected to Parliament, I will advocate for a general hospital to enable our people of Kazo access modern health facilities,” he emphasised.

Kimosho recently floored incumbent MP Gordon Bafaki in the NRM primaries with a landslide.

Currently, Kimosho runs his own Kazo Community Health Centre, complete with two ambulances which he says have “enabled people to access better health services on time and also substantially reduced maternal mortality.”

Kimosho said the ultra-scan at his medical facility is accessed at a subsidized rate of Shs 8,000.

“We also have a Complete Blood Count Machine and want to bring more.”

Kimosho (C) in a group photograph with supporters

In the past few years, Kimosho has set up several health camps which the locals use for early detection of diseases such as cancer, breast cancer and general body treatment at free cost.

“We lobby for medicine, professionals and equipment through NGOs and friends. These health camps help those who can’t afford medical bills get free tests and even medicine,” he emphasised.

Asked about youth empowerment and poverty in Kazo, Kimosho responded: “It is true, poverty levels are on the rise. The solution is creation of capital through SACCOs. There are many SACCOs in Kazo but none is vibrant. That’s why people go to money lenders who charge 20% interest rate on loans thus losing their collateral security upon defaulting on payment.”

Kimosho said, “If we had a sound SACCO supported by government, people would borrow at low interest rates to invest and also be able to pay back. This creates the much needed capital for businesses and also creates employment opportunities.”

The MP candidate, who previously served as publicist of Mulago National Referral Hospital and National Medical Stores, said he would lobby for a factory to add value to Matooke produced in Kazo.

“There is a lot of Matooke here but a bunch costs only Shs 3,000 yet in Kampala the price is Shs 15,000. So you can see the level of exploitation of our farmers by middlemen. If we had a Matooke flour processing plant, our farmers would benefit more and we would create more jobs for the youth,” said Kimosho,

An Electoral commission official declaring Kimosho officially nominated for Kazo MP seat

He also promised to push for massive sensitization of the public on usage of land; extension of water and electricity in villages and rehabilitation of feeder roads to ease transport of goods to markets.

“But most importantly, I will ably represent the people of Kazo in Parliament. I will make their voice heard so we can all contribute to nation-building,” said Kimosho.

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