South Sudan

Kiir Orders Army to Prepare for Combat Action Against Machar

South Sudan leader Gen Salva Kiir has directed all commanders of elite army units of SPLA to prepare for a “protracted” and “decisive” war against the rebels of Dr Riek Machar, order saying his Vice President is not ready to honour peace agreements.

According to secret intelligence information seen by Chimpreports, buy more about Kiir last weekend told his Generals that the most “comprehensive reconnaissance” missions should be intensified on Machar’s troops in preparedness for war.

Sources said Kiir further said there is ample evidence of Machar receiving plenty of money and military logistics “from people who want to steal our oil resources and destabilise us.”

A peace deal emphasising an immediate cessation of hostilities and reunifying the ruling SPLA/M party was signed in Arusha, Tanzania last week

President Kiir and Machar signed the agreement Ngurdoto Hotel in Arusha before an array of regional leaders including host President Jakaya Kikwete, President Uhuru Kenyatta (Kenya), President Yoweri Museveni (Uganda), and South African Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Among the issues agreed by both parties is the restoration of peace and stability in South Sudan and, and the demand for SPLM leadership to make a public apology to the people of Sudan for all the atrocities.

Under the signed agreement, the SPLM party leadership was required to reform and transform the political party by formulating and embracing policies that allow the culture of tolerance and ideals of democracy to take root.

SPLM leadership was also urged to formulate and implement policies that will abolish tribalism, sectarianism and militarism in political life and open up space for achieving a political environment that promotes genuine political pluralism.


Interestingly, while regional leaders thought the agreement would put the young African nation back on the path of peace and development, Machar later convened a Summit of his allies in Nairobi during the weekend where he demanded that Kiir resigns from chairing SPPLA/M for “misrule and causing the turmoil that has led to the death of thousands of people.”

Machar further insisted that South Sudan must have two armies with him commanding one of them, a a proposal government has refused to accept.

“Over 70 percent of the army has defected. It can’t be reintegrated in 30 percent of the mainstream army,” he said, adding, “Kiir is surviving on the support of UPDF and forces from different countries.”

Sources said Machar has been using the peace talks process to reposition his forces and win public opinion for his war before resuming attacks on SPLA.

Insiders said SPLA’s readiness for war has been stepped up with the army intensifying training and rehearsals of specialised military units.

“If Machar has decided to break all peace agreements we have signed with him to bring peace to our nation, we will fight and defeat him. Our forces have been alerted about this mission that will take several months,” said a highly placed military source.

At least four peace deals have been sealed in Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania to end the fighting only for rebels to resume attacks immediately after the signing ceremonies.

After signing of the Arusha agreement last week, South Sudan rebels fought SPLA before seizing tanks which government said had run of fuel.

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