South Sudan

Kiir, Machar Profiteering in S. Sudan War Exposed

A new report on the South Sudan war has been released detailing how the government officials and military generals amassed wealth as much of the general population suffers.

The report named Sentry which is an initiative of the Enough Project and Not On Our Watch (NOOW), clinic with its implementing partner C4ADS, has graphics and documents pinning President Salva Kiir and
his relatives, his deposed deputy Dr. Riek Machar, SPLA Chief of Staff Gen. Paul Malong among others.

As 5.4 million of their citizens are facing famine, the report shows, the officials and military generals acquired lucrative assets in the neighboring countries and also stretched their muscles to the United
States, Australia, Europe and Asia.

“After nearly two years of following the money underwriting South Sudan’s war economy, this report represents the first public release of the findings of The Sentry’s investigation into the links between
public corruption and armed conflict,” part of the 60 page report says.

Some of the generals named in the report are on the sanction list of United Nations, United States and other western powers.

The profiteering from the war was made possible by several actors with powers to stop the unfortunate occurrence.

“Our investigation found that top officials in South Sudan could not maintain the status quo without the system of international banks, businesses, arms brokers, real estate firms, and lawyers who, knowingly or unknowingly, facilitate the violent kleptocracy that South Sudan has become.”

The investigators analyzed voluminous open-source materials concerning the conflict in South Sudan, including United Nations and other official documents, academic literature, and credible news accounts,
both international and local including ChimpReports that the report named as an independent and credible news organization.

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