Kihihi Health Centre IV Closed After Covid19 Death

Kihihi Health Centre IV in Kanungu district has been closed by the District Coronavirus Task Force following a confirmed Covid19 death.

Kanungu District Health Officer Dr Stephen Ssebudde says a 51 year old man who was admitted at the Health facility died and was buried over the weekend.

Dr Ssebudde said that the Health Centre has been evacuated and all new patients have been asked to seek treatment in other health centres like Kambuga Hospital the privately owned Bwindi Hospital.

Dr Ssebudde says the deceased was admitted in the Isolation ward after he presented Coronavirus symptoms like high fever, coughing, and that he passed away thereafter.

He says the health facility will remain closed to enable its treatment as required by the Ministry of Health.

He also said that all the contacts of the deceased have been traced and quarantined to help contain the spread of Coronavirus.

This is the first Coronavirus case to be reported in Kanungu District.

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