Kigezi People Like Being In Court – Kabale Judge

Justice Moses Kawumi Kazibwe, information pills the Kabale Resident Judge has blamed the high number of cases in courts in the Kigezi region on people who think courts are the only solution to all their problems.

The judge last week highlighted a need for people in Kigezi to learn to settle their disputes amicably and not rushing to court every time there is a misunderstanding.

This he said is the case with people in other regions in the country.

“People in Kigezi should learn from other regions because litigation is expensive. There are transport costs to appear in court and the time that could be spent on doing developmental activities, more about ” said Justice Kazibwe.

The judge was Friday addressing residents in Kigezi at the pro bono day celebrations organized by the Legal Aid Project at Kabale Police Barracks.

He said litigations can be avoided   if the people learn respecting each other, find making Wills, and seeking help from family members and local leaders.

Justice Kazibwe also noted that courts are still under staffed yet they have to put up with an excessive number of mostly undeserving litigations.

Meanwhile, the judge called for government to start funding pro bono services so as to reach out more to people who are in need on legal aid but cannot access it.



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