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Kifeesi Goons Hit Blood Bank Boss, Succumbs Days After

This week on Wednesday, workers at Nakasero blood bank Masaka branch were shocked by the sudden death of their boss identified as Ayub Mutebi, chimp corps reports.

Mr Ayub, 37 years was the Branch Manager of the Blood Bank in greater Masaka region also resident of Namugongo in Kampala.

This investigative website established that Ayub died a few days after falling prey to the notorious criminal gang that operates in Kampala commonly known as “Kifeesi.”

Family sources who spoke to chimp corps said that Mr Ayub last week travelled to his home in Kampala, but also had a scheduled meeting at Nakasero Blood Bank Headquarters.

On the fateful day, he went to Nakasero for a meeting which lasted up to evening.

“Being a man who wanted to always keep fit, he decided to walk from office to downtown,” said a family source.

While on his way, Mr Ayub was attacked by a group of young men who snatched his phone before punching him heavily on the head.

The family source said that that’s the narrative he gave to his wife when he reached home, but he did not go for a medical checkup immediately.


“He instead traveled back to his work place the following day.”

On Tuesday this week, Mr Ayub reportedly collapsed in a meeting at Nakasero blood bank headquarters in Kampala, but was hours later pronounced dead at Mulago hospital.

Chimp corps followed up the incident and established that postmortem report indicates that he succumbed to internal bleeding from the hard punches of “Kifeesi” attack.

Apparently, there is an increase in criminality especially in Kampala comprising of street criminal gangs and armed robbers.

There is also increasing theft by Boda boda cyclists and iron bar hitmen.

The rising criminality and robbery in particular has been one of the leading crimes on the increase in the country since 2017.

According to the current police crime report, Kampala is among the top five districts in which robbery is high.

In 2018, 7354 cases of robbery (both aggrieved and simple) were reported, compared to 6850 cases in 2017.

Also cases of simple robbery including phone snatching (where lethal weapons were not used) in 2018 were 5173 compared to 4934 in 2017.

Cases of aggravated robbery (Where lethal weapons were used e.g. firearms, knives, hammers and machetes etc. were 2181 compared to 1910 cases in 2017.


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