Kifeesi Goons, Drunk Swimmers Dominate Entebbe Beaches On Boxing Day


On Boxing day, the Uganda Red cross society was overwhelmed with a series of unfortunate incidents that happened at beaches around Entebbe town, Chimpreports has learnt.

According to the humanitarian rescue agency, at least 4 cases of near drowning at Lido and Aero beaches were registered as a result of drunk swimming.

All cases were worked on at the emergency point at Nameless beach.

“Our ambulance crew together with police marines were very helpful in picking up causalities and dropping them to the Red Cross emergency point,” reads part of the report by Red Cross.

There were also numerous incidents of Broken bottles cutting people in water.

However, in regards to security, the reveller’s safety was too fragile at almost all the beaches on the day.

At about 5pm, a group of youths armed with daggers were seen attacking and cutting revellers and forcefully taking away their possessions.


They mostly targeted and attacked women and foreigners.

The Red Cross society said that they at least worked on more than ten cases of people who were severely attacked by the goons.

Due to bad weather, the agency also registered cases of respiratory tract infections but majority of them were referred to general hospitals.

The Entebbe Red Cross team has said that they have increased their presence at most of the beaches to assess their situation since the festive season is still on.

“We engaged the Marines Commander – Entebbe ASP-Amanya and discussed issues of safety for revellers whose lives are at risk while drunk and enjoying playing by the water side,” the Red cross said

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