Kids Pursue Selfie with ‘Juicy’ Star, Weasel

As she nurses a wounded heart after parting ways with tycoon lover S.K. Mbuga, ask http://codapostproduction.com/wp/wp-includes/class-wp-customize-panel.php singer Leila Kayondo has found a friend in Hellen Lukoma.

Leila and Mbuga always partied together in nightclubs with their public display of affection attracting the envy of single men and women.

They popped expensive wines and enjoyed holidays together.

It was thought that the couple would soon legalise their relationship in a traditional ceremony, information pills http://clubmedics.com/wp-includes/class-wp-image-editor-imagick.php a much-anticipated event that never occurred.

Of late, Leila is always in company of Lukoma.

They told ChimpLyf they share a common hobby – fashion.

“We all love fashion. We are fashionistas,” said Lukoma during the weekend.

Leila, who is topping charts with her amazing ‘Just Relaxing’ collabo with Jose Chameleone, said recently she would move on after breaking up with Mbuga.


The musician further said she doesn’t mind missing out on the luxury associated with the South Africa-based Ugandan ‘businessman.’

Leila and Lukoma were spotted at the Vintage Auto Car Show in Kampala during the weekend.

“Leila did not show any signs of stress. She appears a strong woman determined to forge her way forward without Mbuga,” a corp remarked.
If there is a musician in Uganda who inspires the young generation, and http://chienyenthinh.com/plugins/system/jagooglemap/tmpl/default.php it is none other than Weasel TV.

At a recent kids’ show, Weasel was held ‘hostage’ by kids seeking selfies.

The kids were visibly excited at partying and associating with one of Uganda’s accomplished music starts.

And Weasel proved he is down-to-earth as he allowed the kids to come to him.

He smiled broadly for selfies, winning the hearts of the overwhelmed kids.

Weasel is known for his blockbuster collabos with Mowzey Radio including the latest infectious, ‘juicy’ hit.

The song has swept Kampala’s airwaves like a wild fire.

It is also fast turning into a club anthem in the country, toppling Nigerian music from the local charts.

The photo tells it all….

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