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Kidnapped South Sudan National Rescued – Police

Police in Kampala have rescued a South Sudan national named James Apal who had been allegedly kidnapped on April 26, 2018 at around 21:45pm from Kigowa village, Ntinda parish in Nakawa division, Kampala.

After the kidnap, a report was made at Kigowa Police Post, prompting security operatives to swing into action.

An operation was launched by cops from Ntinda and Kigowa.

By monitoring phone call between the Apal (who was with the kidnappers) and the family members, police was able to track them down.

They captors were demanding a ransom of four million shillings.

According a police statement, kidnappers wanted the ransom delivered at around Cynibel Supermarket, which is located along Old Kira Road.

The kidnappers were arrested in the process of collecting the money, their car was also impounded and charges pressed on them pending prosecution in courts of law.

The names of the kidnappers were not revealed by police.


The incident comes against a backdrop of a series of other kidnap cases across the country.

Speaking to police officers in Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP) area, the KMP commander CP Moses Kafeero the commandant emphasized the need to increase public awareness and sensitization so as to understand the underlying causes in order to uproot the vice.

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