Kickboxer Kikenwa Blasts Golola Over Bribing Judges

A war of words started off yesterday afternoon when it was confirmed that reigning Uganda Kickboxing Champion Abu Kikenwa will face off with Moses ‘hot temper’ Golola.

In a press conference held yesterday at MT Zion Hotel in Kampala, it was decided that the much awaited fight will go underway at Freedom City, Namasuba in March 17th next year.

In a verbal attack that almost turned into a real fight, Kikenwa, who pushed away the tables and broke the bottles in the process while demanding and provoking Golola to fight there and then, loudly called Golola a cheat:

“I don’t see him (Golola) as a fighter, because we all saw what happened recently when he bought the judge and his opponent to win the fight.”

Last week, it took three rounds for Golola to retain his WKF Pro-World Kickboxing title when he ‘controversially’ defeated Hungaria’s Jonas Lakatos in a super middleweight fight held at Tavern in Kabuusu, Lubaga.

The said fight left many fans on the day, complaining as the Hungarian did not give Golola any expected challenge.

“His opponent (Lakatos) knew how to fight, even if you go through his history but it was evident that Golola had paid him.”

Kikenwa who said that Golola is just a mere comedian like MC Mariachi added that:


“Golola is a dog to me, and I can assure you that his chances are over.

“Am very sure that on that day, insha allah, I will beat Golola until he rans mad.”

Golola retaliates

Golola who was seated few seats at the other end, went against his nickname (hot temper) and kept cool when Kikenwa broke the Soda bottles, though he paid him back in a somehow similar currency:

“I have heard his crap, yes, he now has time to talk but when we face off in the ring it will be a different affair.

“I don’t give a damn how many kilos he weighs even if he is 200 Kgs, I will put him down because I see him as a big elephant but elephants are always eaten by lions and am a lion, the Golola Moses of Uganda.”

Earlier, Golola had branded Kikenwa a brawny guy who had a chicken heart, a comment which turned off the recipient.

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