Kenzo Blasts Crowd at UEA17 Over English

Singer Edrisa Musuuza aka Eddie Kenzo blasted the crowd at the Uganda Entertainment Awards over giving an acceptance speech in Luganda.

The BET award winner had come on stage to receive the award for Video producer of the year on behalf of Sasha Vybz.

Kenzo used English at the start of his speech as he thanked the organizers for recognizing Sasha Vybz, but after a short while  he switched to speaking Luganda, which threw the crowd in a  fit of laughter.

“I really hate that, I am a Ugandan born in Masaka and Luganda is my language,” said angry Kenzo.

The ‘Jubilation’ artiste went on to say that he has won so many awards beyond Uganda and had boycotted Ugandan awards because of such things but this time he’s sacrificed a lot to come and support.

“It is so sad that Ugandans minimize themselves. I have traveled over 90 cities and I use English but if I’m in my own country I can speak my own language so give me a break,” he assured the crowd.

Kenzo thanked the DJ for playing Ugandan songs and told him to keep on playing them because it shows patriotism.

The singer scooped three awards at the gala including; best male artist of the year, best video of the year and artiste of the year.




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