Kenyatta Warns Opposition Against Sabotaging Kenya’s Economy

President Museveni has said he would any time be forced to ask the police force to act and arrest fellow presidential aspirant and FDC’s Dr. Kizza Besigye for practicing what he termed as cheap and stupid politics as he canvases votes.
Museveni who was on Saturday afternoon campaigning at Bulucheke sub county playgrounds in Bududu district said he was irked by remarks by the opposition strongman when he recently while campaigning in the area urged locals to continue encroaching on Mt. Elgon National park forest.

The president said he could not tolerate such acts by politicians who seek favors from the voters on the expense of the country’s resources.

“I heard that Besigye said he would allow you go and take over the forest. I am going to see if I can arrest that man because what he said is criminal, sildenafil ”Museveni said.

The president likened Besigye to a lady in the Bible who accepted and gave in a child they were fighting for with another to be cut into 2 so that they could share it and to this Museveni said it is a clear indicator Besigye does not care about the people of Bududa.

“When king Solomon asked that the child be cut into two, ambulance the woman who was not the real mother accepted it .Besigye is not a mother of Uganda if he can accept people to destroy the forest. I am going to look at the recordings and if he said it, I will take it up with the Electoral Commission and police.”

He added,” I will try to get a tape of what he said because we cannot go on with this nonsense because of politics.”
Museveni said letting the people encroach on forest land is like cutting one’s own flesh because the forest is a source to many rivers that provide water and as well as modifying the environment.

Applauds for Dropping Smuggling
The however applauded the people of Bududa and the neighboring areas for dropping the habit of smuggling goods from Kenya which he said was making the country lose a lot of money in form of taxes that they always eluded.

“I was a good footballer but sometimes you could do what we call ‘okwetera endobo’ (kicking your own leg).It was always very painful. The same way smuggling was costing us a lot because you were helping Kenya by paying taxes there but not doing the same here.”


He added,” I am happy you are now at peace with Uganda Revenue Authority who you always hated for chasing you for taxes.”
Museveni said that now the taxes have increased from Shs5bn in 1986 to more than Shs3000 bn collected each year.
One of the Presidential Candidates Prof Venansius Baryamureeba has cautioned Ugandans against being swayed by some of his fellow contenders’ massive crowds at their rallies, and saying that most of these are not genuine but borrowed.

Prof Baryamureeba explained to press on Sunday morning how some of his fellow presidential contestants were investing heavily in getting big crowds to their rallies.

The 46 year old science professor stated that majority of the people attending the rallies of the three major candidates Col Kizza Besigye, sildenafil incumbent President Yoweri Museveni and Hon Amama Mbabazi have been paid to do so, decease and that the real truth about their support would be seen in next year’s election results.

“Everybody wants to claim victory after February 18th next year. All these crowds you are seeing are borrowed crowds. When someone is going to Masaka, they pick people from Lyantonde, from Kiruhura, Mbarara and other neighboring areas. The people at the venue are actually much more than the population of the area,” he said.

While updating the press about his campaign progress at City Royal Hotel in Bugolobi, Baryamureeba predicted that one of the three major candidates would get less than 5 percent of the vote.

“What is going to shock you is that one of those so-called big candidates is going to get less than 5 percent of the total vote. It will be shocking and very embarrassing but it will happen,” prophesied Baryamureeba.

He argued that the candidates are buying the crowds, first to create an impression that they have a lot of support countrywide and second; to create an excuse once the election results go against them next year.

“Assuming that Museveni wins, Besigye and Mbabazi want the basis of telling the people that their votes were stolen,” noted the former Makerere University Vice Chancellor.

“I want to assure you that these are the same people you are seeing on different rallies. Even when you look closely at the body language of the crowds, they are not genuine supporters who are excited to see their candidate. They simply stand there and watch.”

Prof Barya’s assertions come on the heels of accusations by one of the presidential candidates Amama Mbabazi against the ruling government that some people were threatened in Kabale district not to attend his rallies.

Mbabazi’s camp accused the Kabale RDC Darius Nandinda and other NRM top shots including Augustine Caesar Mulenga and Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde of using threats to stop residents from going to his rally venues.

But Barya stated that playing the crowds game would not help the candidates, because the masses know what they want.

“They forget that things have changed. Every part of this country now has a community radio. These radios are relaying the manifestos of each one of the candidates. People know what we have promised them even before we go to their areas; they are aware and very vigilant and they know who to vote come February,” he noted.

Professor Barya revealed that he is currently near half way through his national campaigns, having carried out 112 rallies in 41 districts so far.
President Uhuru Kenyatta has told politicians to stop undermining the credibility of Kenya’s institutions by making corruption allegations for their own selfish political reasons.

The President also urged Kenyans to reject calls for negative politics, cheapest hatred, ask finger-pointing and manipulation from politicians who ignore the gains Kenya has made.

He said peddling of falsehoods about the management of public funds was tantamount to a deliberate scheme to sabotage the country’s economy.

President Kenyatta, here who spoke when he addressed the nation during the 52nd Jamhuri Day celebrations at Nyayo national stadium on Saturday, said his Government was determined to win the war against corruption but cautioned Kenyans that some are out to politicize the fight for selfish gains.

“Those who believe they are entitled to steal our resources will try to manipulate our political debate. Others will wring political capital from the fight against corruption. We will not win the war against corruption unless we all keep our eyes on the prize – a country in which corruption is shunned,” he said.

The President cited the successful Eurobond, which he said was one of the best issues ever from the African continent, but now being attacked with false accusations.

“Ours was one of the best issues ever on the African continent. It was oversubscribed. Yet some of us contrived to talk it down, undermining the credibility of our institutions, and investor confidence in our country,” he said.

Opposition leader Raila Odinga recently said the Eurobond cash estimated in billions of dollars could not be accounted for.

The President said those entrusted with public positions will be held to account for how public funds are used and in the same way, those who make false allegations about the same will held to account.

War on graft

President Kenyatta said intensified efforts in the war on graft have paid dividends with Sh2.24 billion of corruptly-acquired money and property recovered.

He called on the judiciary to finalise cases pending before the courts in line with the constitutional requirement that justice be served without undue procedural delay.

The President urged Kenyans to embrace the act of choosing hope and a bright future, while rejecting those whose entire political existence is based on resisting the will to move forward as a nation.

“Reject their desire to ignore the facts of the solid achievements we have made since the peaceful elections in 2013, and certainly since becoming a Republic in 1964,” the President added.

The Head of State told leaders to act maturely as they lead in the affairs of the society.

“If you support me, support me in a mature way.  If you oppose me, oppose me in a mature way.  After all, you may be in my position one day – that’s democracy,” President Kenyatta said.

He called on the media to exercise caution and not to engage in flagrant disregard of the law by publishing sensational reports for the sake of financial gains at the expense of Kenya’s economy, cohesion and the country’s economy.

“It is not good enough to air allegations merely because they were uttered by a politician. Those who bear false witness will be held responsible,’ the President said.

Ruto speaks out

Deputy President William Ruto also cautioned political leaders against spreading falsehoods and propaganda that undermine the fight against corruption.

He said those making unfounded corruption allegations were either “outright reckless liars” or “economic saboteurs” out to hurt the country’s economy.

The DP said the Government was ready to answer all questions from Kenyans on the use of public funds and called on public servants to follow the law.

He also said that increased funding to security forces has yielded fruits and the Government will continue investing more to protect Kenyans.

The celebrations were graced by Liberian President, Dr Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, First Lady Margaret Kenyatta, His Highness the Aga Khan and members of the Diplomatic Corps among other invited guests.

The Liberian leader, in her remarks, said Kenya has set a good example for the whole of Africa by evolving into an economically strong and democratic country.

She said it gives her great pleasure to be back in Kenya, where she has previously lived for five years before she became President.

“I have watched Kenya evolve into a strong democratic state in Africa. Thank you for leading the way,” she said.

President Sirleaf thanked Kenya for the role it has played in Liberia starting from its search for peace to the war against Ebola.

“I bring you appreciation from the people of Liberia for the role Kenya played in its fight for peace and also in the fight against Ebola,” she said.

Later, the President and First Lady hosted a colourful Jamhuri day garden party for invited guests at State House, Nairobi. President Sirleaf attended the Luncheon.

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