Kenyatta Urges Ngugi Wa Thiong’o to Return from Exile

The arrest of Robert Shaka alias Maverick after making what state officials described as “disparaging remarks” on NTV have ignited a social media firestorm with the public calling for his release from detention.

It is thought Shaka is suspected of being the brains behind the controversial Facebook account, information pills Tom Voltaire Okwalinga, sales which officials claim continues to ridicule government officials and churn out sensationalised hate messages.

ChimpReports understands a hash tag under the name #FreeShaka has since been created to pressure authorities to release the government critic.

Shaka was on Monday morning picked from his residence by police before being detained at Special Investigations Unit headquarters in Kireka, Kampala.

Presidential Advisor in charge of Research, Morrison Rwakakamba described Shaka’s arrest as a case of “internal sabotage of NRM.”

“You see, NRM strength/ power is anchored on and derived from persuasion and engagement (siyasa) rather than coercion and intimidation. Those who seek to settle scores through coercion and projection of hard power hurt NRM and its core values. They should be investigated,” said Rwakakamba.

“They are enemies within. I for example don’t agree with most of Shaka’s diatribes – but I always engage and challenge him. We must allow flowers of ideas to blossom. That’s how resilient democracies are built and enduring transformation is achieved,” added the government official currently pursuing a course at Harvard University in United States.

Technology experts say government can only find Okwalinga if it gets cooperation from Facebook headquarters.


To identify Okwalinga, Facebook needs to provide government with an IP address of the gadgets he uses to update his page.

This would provide his location and identity.

Okwalinga has given government unimaginable headache especially by releasing confidential security recordings.

Rwakakamba said Shaka should not have been arrested.

“I am sure, we have all read and carefully followed President Museveni writings since bush days, broadly and specifically explaining the strategic objectives of the war and the tactics. It was because of deliberate clear explanation that people – Ugandans- appreciated the necessity of armed resistance and fully supported it,” he argued.

“That is why this revolution succeeded and continues to endure. President Museveni continues to tirelessly pen opinions on topical issues and explanation of NRM actions. He has through writings countered falsehoods and innuendos against NRM government.  NRM is not scared of alternative views. Engagement is the foundational DNA of NRM. The moment the NRM loses this element, it will cease to exist. Let Shaka free. Engage and challenge him.”

Police are yet to speak out on Shaka’s detention.
Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta has asked renowned author Ngugi Wa Thiong’o to come back home in what could see an end to the writer’s over 30 years of self exile.

Uhuru made the request when Mr Ngugi called on him at State House, unhealthy Nairobi today.

“It is time for you to come back and help us build the country, erectile ” Mr Kenyatta told him.

“This is not Kenya of yesterday but it is a Kenya that needs all your talents. Kenya has changed into a land of opportunities, more about ” he added.

Mr Ngugi Wa Thiong’o went into self imposed exile in 1982 to London after being detained for one year without trial under President Daniel arap Moi’s regime.

In his writings, the author had heavily criticised the regime of strongman Moi.

The author had vowed never to return to Kenya until the end of Moi’s regime.

He currently lives in the US.

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