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Kenyatta Sacks Army Boss, Gen Karangi

Investigations are under way to ascertain what caused the death of a suspect who was being held at Kinoni police station in Masaka district.

Nusula Tusaba, medicine 26, was found dead yesterday in a cell where she was being held and it is suspected that the deceased hanged her self.

Her body was found with a piece of cloth a round the neck, which police believes police suspects that she used to commit suicide.

According to Noah Sserunjojji, the greater Masaka police spokesperson, the suspect was being held alone in the cell. She was brought at the station on charges of assault and vandalizing property of her husband.

Apparently the deceased and his husband picked up a fight after she found out he picked on another woman and as soon as she learnt of it, she vandalized house hold items.

Matters were reported to police who came and arrested her, but yesterday morning 16th April, an officer who had a night duty at this station discovered her in the morning, dead inside the cell.

Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta has sacked army chief, rx Dr Julius Waweru Karangi amid increased terror attacks in the country, Chimp Corps report.

Kenyatta said Friday night that on the advice of the National Defence Council, “I have today promoted Lieutenant-General Samson J. Mwathethe to General and appointed him Chief of Defence Forces-Designate.”


The fall of Karangi was inevitable as Kenyatta tries to realign the military and police command structures to confront the increased terrorism in East Africa’s economic powerhouse.

Just a fortnight ago, at least 147 students were killed by Al Shabaab terrorists at Garissa University College in North Eastern Kenya.

A church in the same area was last year attacked by the same militants.

It is understood that on the day of the Garissa attack, the chopper which would have rushed a special force of the Kenya Defence Forces to engage the terrorists was being used for private reasons.

Kenyatta said the changes are “part of the continued alignment of functions in my administration, and in order to enhance service delivery.”

He further stressed that, “Reflecting democratic values, fidelity to our constitution in regard to the primacy of civilian oversight to the security sector, the Defence Council sat today and agreed on the succession of another set of general staff officer cadre to lead our Defence Forces.”

Kenyatta revealed that General Dr Julius Waweru Karangi will “commence the handover process starting next week pending retirement as Chief of Defence Forces after more than four decades of distinguished service to our country, the region and humankind.”

He praised Karangi for his “dedicated service to Kenya that was marked by diligence, great commitment, humility and patriotism,” adding the General “leaves our Defence Forces in a much better place both professionally and operationally.”

Kenyatta also appointed Lieutenant-General Joseph K. Kasaon as the Vice Chief of Defence Forces-Designate and promoted Major-General Leonard M. Ngondi to Lieutenant-General to serve as Kenya Army Commander-Designate.

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