Kenyatta Orders Kenyan Flags to be Flown at Half-Mast In Honor Of Nkurunziza

In honor of life of the late Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza and as a mark of respect, the Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has on Friday ordered that Kenyan flags both in Kenya and Kenyan Missions abroad and also the East African Community flag be flown at half-mast

“I, Uhuru Kenyatta, under the authority vested in me as President of the Republic of Kenya, do hereby order and direct that in memory of the late President Pierre Nkurunziza and in solemn solidarity and mourning; the flag of the East African Community (EAC) and of the Republic of Kenya shall be flown at half-mast at public buildings and public grounds and wherever else throughout the entire territory of the Republic of Kenya and at all of Kenya’s Diplomatic Missions abroad from dawn on Saturday 13th June 2020 until sunset on the day of his interment,” Kenyatta ordered on Friday.

Nkurunziza died on Tuesday 9th June 2020.

Although the State declared that he died of cardiac arrest, there have been rumours that he could have had COVID-19 since his wife is suffering from the same.

Nkurunziza who has been in power for 15 years was set to hand over the presidency to new leader Evariste Ndyayishimiye in August this year.

Although he agreed to step down as Burundian President after the election in May, an unprecedented title of “Supreme Guide” was created and Nkurunziza was set to be Burundi’s Supreme Guide.

Many believed that the title of Supreme Guide would give Nkurunziza more powers and continue governing Burundi indirectly.

In 2015, tens of thousands of Burundians were slaughtered on the streets of the country’s capital Bujumbula after they protested his move to run for another 5 year term, something which was contrary to Burundi’s Constitution.


Hundreds of thousands fled the country as refugees while others were incarcerated and some of them are still in jail even today.

He was 55 years at the time of his death.

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