Kenyan Mothers Name Their Sons Air Force One

Locals in neighboring Kenya have taken Obamamania to a whole new level. Several Kenyan newborns have been given names related to US President Barack Obama’s recently concluded visit to the country.

Local media is reporting that a number of kids who were born during the historic visit have been given such names as Air Force One, with hopes that they would grow up to fly high like the Jumbo.

“It is clear these mothers are hoping that their children will grow up to become very important people in the future, reported local Swahili Hub.

There was already a whole bunch of Barack Obamas in Kogelo where Obama’s forefathers come from, store but upon his departure, several dozen mothers in Kisumu, Nairobi and other parts of the country decided to name their boys after the president and others after his official plane the Air Force One.

A one Lucy Okoth said she named her son AirForceOne Barack Obama so as to keep the grand visit alive in her mind forever.

Another mother who named his son AirForceOne said “I was told that it is the greatest plane on earth and the thought that it’s a Kenyan flying in it informed my decision.

Dolphin Akinyi a midwife at Jaramoji Oginga Hospital put to eight, the number of babies born during the visit that were named Barack Obama.

All kids she said were in good health.


The Beast

Some of the girls born during the three days were reportedly named Obama, Malia, Michelle or Sasha, the names of Obama’s wife and two daughters.

“I wouldn’t name my girl any other name,” stressed a one Onyango who named hers Malia.

As of now no reports have come out of kids being named after the President’s Limo “The Beast” which also caused mayhem in the capital Nairobi.


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