Kenyan Law Society Slams Uhuru Threats to Supreme Court

The Kenyan Law Society President, Isaac Okero has condemned President Uhuru Kenyatta for threatening the Supreme Court judges over nullifying his election victory.

Uhuru and his Deputy William Ruto on Saturday during a meeting with the Jubilee party elected governors, National Assembly and Senate members, women representatives and Members of County Assemblies, said they are going to revisit the Supreme Court ruling after the fresh elections. The ruling favored the opposition leader Raila Odinga and his team.

Mr. Okero said Uhuru’s statement in which he described the Supreme Court judges as crooks is unfortunate.

“Statements by the President describing the Chief Justice and other judges of the Supreme Court of Kenya as ‘wakora’ (crooks or scoundrels) and ominously declaring that they should wait for him after he is successful in the coming fresh elections are unfortunate and wholly inappropriate remarks from the head of state who under the constitution is a symbol of national unity, enjoys immunity from criminal and civil proceedings and must promote and enhance the unity of the nation,” the Law Society President said.

According to Mr. Okero, Uhuru is supposed to uphold and defend the Constitution including the including the ruling that was against his favor.

“The President is obliged by our supreme law to respect, uphold and safeguard the constitution. This obligation extends to respecting, upholding and safeguarding the rights of the Chief Justice and each of the judges of the Supreme Court of Kenya under Article 28 to have their inherent dignity respected and protected and to the fundamental freedom under Article 25 from degrading treatment.”

Okero stressed that the judges professionally and honorably discharged their responsibilities.

“The Supreme Court of Kenya has performed its constitutional duty. All the judges and officers of our apex court involved have acquitted themselves professionally, with honour and dignity. They are not wakora and do not deserve the disrespectful treatment they are being shown.”


He also appealed to other leaders in Kenya to desist from threatening the Supreme court judges.

“Other public figures making similar threatening remarks at the judges and officers of the Supreme Court of Kenya and of the judiciary will do well to remember that they do not enjoy any immunity under the law and are subject to the judicial authority of the Supreme Court in respect of any action it may determine is necessary to take to preserve the dignity and independence of the court.”

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