Kenyan Companies Trafficking Ugandans to Middle East

Police has revealed that many Ugandans are now being trafficked to the Middle East countries by Kenyan companies through Kenya.

Addressing journalists on Monday at Naguru, the Commissioner of Police in charge of human trafficking at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Moses Binoga revealed that working with people here, Kenyan unlicensed companies have been luring many Ugandans especially girls into Kenya and trafficking them to the Middle East.

He noted that using social media platforms, these companies through their agents announce jobs abroad attracting many youths, but end up dumping them in Middle East countries.

Binoga says that youths are secretly gathered and organized to move through Kenya.

“They move using buses to Tororo where the agents have houses and they stay here for almost a week before crossing to Kenya.”

Binoga adds that the agents use unofficial exit routes at the Malaba and Busia borders to smuggle the Ugandans into Kenya.


Binoga says many of these use forged Kenyan passports to fly to Middle East countries.

“We have got 48 cases involving 48 victims of people trafficked,” he said.

“Many of them have been charged and convicted of possessing fake Kenyan passports and use forged stamps.”

He explained that Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is the most used by the Kenyans while trafficking people to various parts of Middle East.

“Five people have so far been convicted by court in Busia over human trafficking and sentenced to punishments ranging from one to 2 years.”

Asked why perpetuating companies are still operating despite being known, Binoga said most of them operate underground and are difficult to detect.

Binoga warns that members of the public should first consult the labor ministry before joining any recruiting company for work in the Middle East.

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