South Sudan

Kenya Withdraws Troops from South Sudan UN Peace Keeping Force

The government of Kenya has decided to withdraw its troops from the United Nations peace keeping mission in the war torn neighboring South Sudan.

The decision for the withdrawal was made on Wednesday evening in a strongly worded statement released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that condemned the sacking of Kenyan military general, tadalafil Johnson Magoa Kimeni Ondieki as the United Nations Mission in South Sudan Force Commander.

The UN Secretary General, search Ban Ki-moon on Tuesday fired Lt. Gen. Ondieki after the release of report from experts commissioned by the world body to investigate the July events when the South Sudan army SPLA raided the UNMISS civilian protection site in the capital Juba.

Women were reportedly raped inside the UN camp when the war resumed on 10th July. The report by the experts largely blamed the leadership of the UN Mission force for not protecting the unarmed and vulnerable civilians at the camp including women and children.

In Nairobi, dosage the development was greeted with condemnation and treated as undermining of the Kenyan government since there was no consultations made before Lt. Gen. Oindieki.

“The process leading to this unfortunate decision not only lack transparency but did not involve Kenya in the formal consultation. This demonstrate complete disregard of Kenya’s key role in South Sudan,” part of the statement read.

Kenya stressed that the move was also disrespectful and consequently affected the continuous deployment of her forces in South Sudan.

“The manner in which the information was conveyed to the government of Kenya revealed a high degree of disrespect for our country and continued deployment.”


The Secretary General had asked Kenya to nominate another army officer to replace Lt. Gen. Ondieki but Nairobi has rejected this offer.

“We reject the dismissal of Lt. Gen. Ondieki as well as the offer for his replacement.” The statement concluded announcing the decision to withdraw troops currently in South Sudan, cancel the preparation of contributing troops towards the impending regional force and disengage from the whole South Sudan peace process.

Kenya has slightly over 1000 of the 11,350 UN Mission troops in South Sudan.

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