Kenya Hails East Africa Support for UN Security Council Seat

Kenya has praised African countries including Uganda and Tanzania for supporting its election to a non-permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council for the period 2021-2022.

The statement comes amid reports that Uganda never supported Kenya for the strategic post.

But Kenya Cabinet Secretary Amb Raychelle Omamo on Saturday night said “Kenya’s emphatic endorsement in 2019 by the East African Community, began the journey with the brotherly nations of the Republics of Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, South Sudan.”

Amb Omamo emphasised: “Kenya secured its support from all corners of the continent, from Eastern Africa, North Africa, from West Africa, from Central Africa and from Southern Africa.”

UN Member States chose the country in a second round of voting on Thursday in the General Assembly, with 192 ambassadors casting their ballots during pre-determined time slots, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The run-off took place one day after elections to select five new non-permanent members to serve on the Council, based on regional groupings.

Both Kenya and Djibouti had failed to secure the required two-thirds majority on Wednesday, or 128 votes.

Diplomatic sources in Kenya said their Ugandan diplomats including Adonia Ayebare canvassed support for Nairobi.

In the second round, Kenya received 129 votes, and Djibouti 62.

Amb Omamo added: “Indeed, during the Virtual Reception marking the end of the campaign, on 16th June 2020, graced by His Excellency the President (Uhuru Kenyatta), he personally commended the Ambassadors from these countries and requested them to convey his personal thanks to his Brother Colleagues, Their Excellencies, in the region and beyond for believing in and entrusting Kenya with this solemn responsibility.”

ChimpReports understands Ayebare spoke on behalf of Kenya’s neighbours during the virtual conference.

“The support from Africa has been clear, consistent, resolute and unwavering. Kenya again formally expresses its deepest gratitude to Africa. Kenya shall partner with members of the Security Council, as one of the three African members of the United Nations Security Council,” said Amb Omamo. 

 “Kenya’s election required support from ALL of the United Nations: from the Pacific, from the Caribbean, from Asia, from all the Americas, from Europe and from the Middle East. We take this early opportunity to convey to all of them our warm appreciation and deep gratitude.”

Fifteen countries sit on the Security Council, the UN organ that maintains international peace and security.

Five are permanent members, who have the right to veto resolutions: China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Ten non-permanent members are elected by the General Assembly for two-year terms, with five elected each year.

Joining Kenya at the iconic horseshoe-shaped table in January are India, Ireland, Mexico and Norway. Canada lost out on Wednesday in the other contested seat, within the “Western Europe and other States” group.

Amb Omamo conveyed his “deepest gratitude to the Member States of the United Nations Organization for electing Kenya to the strategic seat.

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