Kenya First Lady Gets ‘National Champion Title’

By Murigi Macharia

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta has been decorated as a national champion for driving the ‘Beyond Zero Campaign’ with passion and unrivalled energy.

Leaders from Uasin Gishu County led by their governor Jackson Mandago said the Beyond Zero campaign had achieved great milestones in the health sector and she deserves the title of a national champion in her own right.

The leaders said the First Lady would have chosen the comfort zone and remain in the background of the president but she chose to lead the Beyond Zero initiative from the front.

“She is a national champion in her own right for leading this initiative from the front. She would have chosen the comfort zone and remain in the background of the national leadership”, unhealthy buy more about said the governor on Tuesday.

The Beyond Zero initiative aims to reduce maternal and child mortality in Kenya which remains unacceptably high. The country loses more than 108, pills 000 children annually before they celebrate their fifth birthdays while over 5500 women lose their lives while giving birth.

Incidentally, page the First Lady was decorated with the “national champion title” in Eldoret, a town described nationally as the “city of champions”.

The resilient First Lady has remained in the North Rift this past week training for the forthcoming Half Marathon in Nairobi on March 8th.


Yesterday, after her morning training session in the town, the First Lady took time off to hand over the 20th Beyond Zero mobile clinic to the Uasin Gishu residents. Earlier, Mrs Margaret Kenyatta also visited the Eldoret School of the Hearing Impaired.

Governor Mandago said the county will remain supportive of the March 8 First Lady’s Half Marathon which Mrs Margaret Kenyatta is currently training and preparing for.

Mandago requested the mother of the nation to consider holding the grand marathon, after the coming Half Marathon, in Eldoret which the county government will “support and sponsor”.

“You should prepare to hold the grand Beyond Zero marathon in Eldoret. We shall be happy to support and sponsor you”, said Mandago

The First Lady who was also physically decorated in Kalenjin traditional dress and head-band  said some counties are endowed with great resources whose financial benefits should be used to tackle the challenges the  respective counties face especially in  the provision of health care.

She said Uasin Gishu is endowed with great sporting heroes and the county leadership should invest in sporting tourism.  She said the greatest asset for this particular county lies in sporting tourism.

“It  (sporting tourism) gives the county a great opportunity to earn foreign exchange, that would be beneficial in providing resources to target some of the challenges the county faces”, said the First Lady.

Uasin Gishu, Elgeiyo Marakwet and Nandi counties are some of the three regions in the North Rift that are home to Kenya’s greatest and world acclaimed athletes including internationally acclaimed marathon giants.

Eldoret is officially described as the ‘city of champions’, Elegeyo Marakwet as the “county of champions” and Nandi County as the “home of champions.

“With such resources, a great deal can be done to boost the healthcare system in the county and subsequently help alleviate the plight of vulnerable mothers, young girls and children,” added the First Lady.

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